Art Robot Jamie

I started to make Google Slides of my idea for an art robot.

Below is the slide of my ideas for the art robot:

After thinking of ideas for our art robot, we were put into groups of 2 to 3 people.

On the first day (10/21) we shared our ideas for the art robot and started to experiment working with the different motors and sensors.

The next class we sketched out our idea:

We decided to make an art robot that would make art using a marker. The marker would be held by a cardboard arm and would be on wheels. We would make a box that would store all of the wires and motors. Below is a screenshot of my slide telling you what I did on 10/28:

This is a picture of the marker art robot:

During the middle of the project, our group thought of another idea. Instead of using a marker to make art, we would have a gear attached to the motor that would make art. We would put paint on a piece of paper and use sensors to make the gear move and create art.

The finished art robot looked like this:

Here is a picture of the art robot making art:

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