Food Scarcity Project P.B.L PROJECT BY : KIZHON GRAHAM

Hi I'm a tourist and my name is Kizhon & I'm visiting Africa. The city of Libreville, Gabon the latitude is 0.416198 N & longitude is 9.467268 E . We are in hurry to grow food and we can only survive a week by only drinking water. I am looking for crops to see how much i can grow in a short amount of time. I have to make enough for my family.

In the 21st century there are several individuals in communities and globally that struggle to have a hot meal each day. In a community financial challenges may allow individuals to have a hot meal each day. While on a global bases environmental issues such as deforestation, deforestation, lack of water and water pollution may also be a challenge for a citizen of a country in growing crops for food. Lack of food can result in malnutrition that can finally lead to death. it is said give a man a fish feed him for a day teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.

We C.M.S students can solve this problem by planting crops that take very little effort to grow. This way in case we forget to water the plant we can just water it later and the plant doesn't die that easy from dehydration. We can also grow plants that don't need that much water. You can grow them in areas that are hot to rainy to cold. We can help people who don't have enough money or food homeless people can also get some food and it can help countries that lack food around the world.

I finally came to a decision and I am Growing these vegetables. I am growing carrots, potatoes, radishes & cucumbers. These plants require little amounts of water. They can also grow in hot places because they take in as much sunlight as they can to increase photosynthesis and make it grow faster. It's getting bigger by feeding of the solar energy from the sun. The sun has all the nutrients the plants need to survive.

First we have to create an area to grow the plants. The perimeter will be 8ft by 4ft with wood. The area will be 8ft by 8ft by 4inches.

I am in the rainforest region but close to the ocean. It will be hard to grow but not too hard. Because i'm in the rainforest it receives a lot of rain. Im afraid my plant will get over watered by all the rain and it won't grow good in soil because the soil is really moist.


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