The House on Weathers Lane Lilly dibello

Big Girls Don't Cry

Riding a bike without training wheels is supposed to be a great memory in a kid's life, for me not so much. Only big kids can ride a bike without training wheels. My neighbor Katie asked if I knew how to ride a bike without training wheels. Katie was in high school so she was a cool, big kid and I wanted to be just like her. I told her that I probably could but that I had never tried so then I ran over to my dad and told him to take the training wheels off of my favorite pink brats girls bike. I was a big girl too. Then before I knew it I was peddling around the cul-de-sac without training wheels I was going so fast compared to my little brother next to me who was riding on his bike with training wheels. I was going for what seemed like hours and then I got a little distracted by all of my neighbors who were sitting in the middle of the circle by the fire. They were all watching me and then my neighbor Celeste started yelling something at me. I turned my head to look at her and try to make out what she was saying. She screamed, "Lilly watch out! ". “For what?” I said still looking at her. Then I looked forward and thought in my head " Oh that”. A huge basketball hoop was standing before me, just waiting for me to crash into it. Then I was on the ground and soon the basketball hoop was too. The entire neighborhood had just watched me ride my bike into the basketball hoop knock it down and then fall down myself. Most of them rushed over to me to see if I was okay. My face turned bright red as the blood inside me boiled. Tears welled up in my eyes and I shut them so they didn’t escape. I was a big girl. Big girls don’t cry. Other than two huge scrapes on my knees and a damaged ego I was fine. I taped up my wounds and I was so embarrassed and decided to put my bike away. I pouted the rest of the night. I didn't ride bikes much since then.

My Own Mix

Lilliana, after my great grandmother Lillian. She was my father's grandmother, and she was from Italy. Her nickname was Muzzy and mine is Lilly, which is the English version of Lilliana. When you look up the name Lilliana it means someone who wants to spread peace, which is something I hope to do. It also talks about the value of trust. Trust is something I value deeply. I was my parents first child so they wanted to keep my gender a surprise. Since my parents didn't know whether I was a boy or a girl, they had to have lots of name options. If I was a boy my name would be either CJ, which would be Chris junior, or Anthony, after one of my dad's best friends. Their choices for girls were Tess, Juliete and Lilliana, and Lilliana was clearly the favorite and the only one with real meaning. Plus the fact that their daughter would be italian with dark brown eyes Lilliana seemed to fit well. My parents knew they wanted some sort of family meaning from both sides of the family in my name, so no one side would feel left out. So, when they looked through baby names they found Lilliana, which was perfect because it was similar to Lillian, my great grandma on my dad's side. But it is slightly different, so it was my own. From the stories I have heard I was a lot like Muzzy with her easy going personality but I am my own person. Then when choosing my middle name, Elizabeth, from my great grandmother on my mom’s side I share the same silly personality as her. Lilliana Elizabeth was the perfect mix of both sides of the family. As Lilliana is very formal, they thought a nickname would be best fit, which is a good choice because I’m not a very formal person. They chose Lilly. They knew they wanted to spell it with three L’s instead of the normal two because they wanted it to match my full name, which also has three. Lilies are obviously a type of flower and that is what most people associate my name with. Lilies are my favorite type of flower which is ironic even though probably the only reason I really like them is because it's my name. Flowers are always growing and I would like to believe I'm always growing as a person. Flowers blossom like I am blossoming into who I really am. I like the name Lilly and I'm happy with it as my nickname but I think I would like it if more people called me Lilliana. Usually the only people that do are some of my aunts and my mom when she’s first introducing me to her friends. I like that name and the story behind it. And its more me, my parents chose it for a special reason and it is part of who I am. I am Lilliana Elizabeth, after my two great grandmothers.


Best View

We took a small boat out to what felt like the middle of the ocean, and didn't stop until the water was the deepest, clearest blue. The water was deep, and that made me a little apprehensive but the captains kept telling us it would be worth it, and it was. The boat stopped, and all of a sudden, the captains pulled out a huge parachute. It was beautiful, green blue and purple. They let it go and it floated way up into the sky, and I thought I’m about to be up there with it. Before we knew it, we were putting on life jackets and harnesses and we being locked onto this string attached to the parachute. Then they pushed us off the side of the boat into the deep blue water we waited there. Butterflies filled my stomach, and all of a sudden we were moving and the waters splashed behind us. They had started driving and we started going up, and we kept going up and up until we felt a slight tug when the string got tight. My nervousness from before went away, once we were up there it's the most peaceful thing in the world. We were in slow motion. The world was barely moving and we sat back in the harness to just watch. I could see all of the hotels and the beach. I could see the whole sky. I could see what looked like the edge of the earth. I could see the deep blue that I saw before but I could see so much more of the ocean and all the other colors. I could see the change from light teal to blue to deep blue and the certain spots that were extra dark blue. We are all in awh looking at the world, and it was probably the calmest I have ever felt. They speed up the boat and then waited until we get low and they dip is in the water and the water starts splashing around us again. Then we went back up slowly. Once we got up and the string tugged us, it was peaceful again. We were back up and can see the whole ocean and all of the colors. We were just up relaxing in the middle of the sky and to this day that is my favorite view.


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