The rights of women and girls around the world have significantly improved over the last 25 years since the Fourth World Conference on Women was hosted in Beijing, China.

From stopping child marriage and promoting girls’ education to standing up against gender-based violence and tackling issues of self-esteem, girls are making a difference in their communities and across the world. Girls are proving they are unscripted and unstoppable.

For this year’s International Day of the Girl on October 11, we are supporting all girls to amplify their voices and stand up for their rights. This important day recognizes the global commitment to further protect and advance the rights of girls. This year's theme is “GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable.”

In this toolkit, you'll find creative ways to celebrate International Day of the Girl, and to continue to advocate for girls' rights around the world.

send a message to your members of congress

As we commemorate International Day of the Girl, ask your elected officials to support H.R. 2153 – Keeping Girls in School Act. This bipartisan bill is designed to ensure that U.S. foreign assistance funding addresses the barriers that keep more than 130 million girls from enrolling, attending, and graduating school.

international day of the girl proclamation

Encourage your local government to commit to celebrating the progress of and opportunities for women and girls.


We asked our officials to sign the #IDG2019 Proclamation! @UNAUSA compiled a list of helpful resources for International #DayoftheGirl. Find out how you can encourage your representatives to show their support ➡️ http://bit.ly/IDG-2019


Another great way to recognize champions for girls' rights and gender equality is to host a dinner. Check out our dinner hosting guide to plan a great event!

host a book discussion

If you like reading, considering hosting a book club throughout October or checking out some of these books about unstoppable girls and women.

know someone who's championed the rights of girls in your community?

Give an award to the unscripted and unstoppable girls in your community to recognize their commitment to advancing girls' rights locally or around the world.


A simple way to celebrate International Day of the Girl is to host a film screening. From selecting an appropriate movie to inviting guests, we've created a detailed plan to get you started.

let your local media know you are hosting an event to celebrate international day of the girl!

Invite your local media to attend your event so they can help amplify the celebration of community action on advancing girls' rights.

host an instagram campaign

Post photos and stories of girls in your community who embody this year’s theme “GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable.” You can share a photo of a girl you know who doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes, girls working to increase access to secondary education and skill development, girls working to combat gender-based discrimination, and so much more!

Make sure to include UNA-USA's hashtags in your posts.

social media posts

united nations association of the usa (una-usa)


  • #USAforUN
  • #IDG2019
  • #DayoftheGirl

Sample messages for social media

Every year, International #DayoftheGirl raises awareness for goals to better girls' lives by promoting and protecting #genderequality. Send a message to your elected officials to champion equal education access for all girls around the world: bit.ly/2AIOv8M

The [@your UNA Chapter handle] Chapter is hosting an event for International #DayoftheGirl! If you're interested in hosting an event to advocate for the rights of girls and women, check out @UNAUSA's toolkit for ideas: bit.ly/IDG-2019

London Bell—a lawyer, activist, UNA-USA National Council member, and UNA Women Co-chair—is a champion for advancing the rights of women and girls. On International #DayoftheGirl, she's sharing an important message to girls: uniqueness is your superpower. bit.ly/321DEDd

Ahead of International #DayoftheGirl, meet some of the unscripted and unstoppable girls around the world: uni.cf/2oaCXbJ

Friday, October 11 is International #DayoftheGirl, when we recognize the global achievements in advancing the rights of girls while realizing there's still progress to be made. Here's how you can celebrate #IDG2019: bit.ly/IDG-2019

Globally, women earn only 77 cents for every dollar that men earn doing the same work. On International #DayoftheGirl, ask your Members of Congress to support the @UN's work to achieve gender parity by 2030. bit.ly/2CQkiFN


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