Leadership co Editor-in chieF

My main role in Torch this year is the as the Co Editor-in-chief. With that comes a lot of responsibility. Everyday I come to class I have to be ready to lead. I'm in charge of organizing web and issue content, editing, and problems that come with that.

Now that I don't have as many pages of my own, I am able to help others with theirs and any questions they have. Usually people ask about design on pages and web stories.

Being in charge can be tough because everyone is relying on you and it can be stressful at times, but I love being in a leadership position because it gives me the ability to help people and share my ideas through Torch.

One example of this is this year I had the goal to start off the Torch twitter and really make it an everyday thing of tweeting photos and stories to get our content out there. I think we have implemented this so far, with #HeaderPhotooftheday and #Polloftheweek along with having a web story published on our site daily.

Like I said last year, every new project gives me opportunities to learn and improve the work I publish in the Torch and I'm excited to keep sharing my ideas.

Now that we have an Instagram and Twitter account I'm hoping to start a Facebook account next semester.

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