The Inventions Chapter 19

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell, from the United States, is given credit for inventing the telephone. He did this in 1926. Because of this, communication has increased dramatically. This was also a stepping stone for Guglielmo Marconi who sent radio waves across the Atlantic.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is known for the in ention of the first American made automobile or Model T. He is an American and his company is probably the most famous American automobile company founded in 1903. Not only was this huge, but the way the cars were assembled is also revolutionary. For the first time, an assembly line was created. This is still a method used today.

Thomas Edison

He is a very well known American. He invented the light bulb. There is a lot that we use a light bulb for. They are also everywhere you go. His invention, like Henry Ford and Alex Graham Bell still have a huge impact in modern society. Because of him, Joseph Swan was able to basically get light for all people and companies.

The Wright Brothers

The wright brothers had a huge hit when they discovered it was possible to fly. They owned their own bike shop while they were working on the first ever airplane. This was in the year 1903 on a beach. This has also impacted modern society as being the most affective way for long distance travel.

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