WatergateRedux Renovated hotel embraces 60s glitz, scandal

After a nine-year $125 million renovation, the Watergate Hotel is again open for business.

The Watergate's curvy exterior was considered blasphemous when it opened in 1967. The hotel renovation holds true to Watergate's modern, bold decor.

Watergate Hotel key card embraces the 1972 political scandal that cost Richard Nixon his presidency.

The renovated Watergate has 336 guest rooms, 24 Premiere suites, six Diplomatic suites and two Presidential suites.

Almost every room has a view of the Potomac River.

Pure 'Mad Men' style

Italian marble and glass showers enhance the spa-like atmosphere.

It costs $425 per night at the Watergate -- bathrobes are extra.

The Watergate Hotel's original staircase and indoor pool have been restored.


WTOP/Neal Augenstein

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