B.J. Powell Final Project English 150-047

In this photo Nick is reading his paper to his group mates. This focuses on the needs and defines the needs of the audience by reading his paper aloud to his peers he can get criticism from his intended audience which are his classmates.
In this photo Dr. Pavletic is explaining our Unit 2 paper and what is expected of us. This is analyzing and defining the purpose of my writing because Dr. Pavletic is giving me my purpose and defining what I need to do and analyzing the steps I need to take to get there.
During Unit 4 we analyzed the writing situation by knowing that we were doing a research paper and taking the necessary steps to get that done. We had to find the information needed by searching the FLITE database. We located the information in the database then we applied it to our Unit 4 paper.
This student is working on an assignment at a desk. He is organizing his assignments and analyzing what he has to do next. This is similar to writing a paper such as our Unit 3 reflection we had to first think of all the information we had on our Adobe Spark page. Next we had to organize that information and make it make sense in our reflection.
This is a photo of McGraw-Hill Connect. This was assignment that we worked on throughout the semester so that students could practice their grammar skills and how to use proper grammar in certain situations. This worked on the outcome of producing effective written communication to demonstrate appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics.
In this photo Andrea who is in my group, we are all working on peer reviewing. This is important because sometimes your peers see things in a different way and can give the writer a different perspective. This outcome is to work effectively with others to produce and/or revise written material.
In this photo Dr. Pavletic is explaining to the class that our Unit 4 project we will have to find different types of sources to conduct our research. This is the general outcome is adapting to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents required. This is accomplished by all of the different type of research that needs to be found.
This photo is taken by Ben in my group. He is researching his campaign topic for our Unit 2 assignment. This is working on the outcome of analyzing the context and purpose of a writing problem because he is picking apart this ad and finding the real root of the ad.
For our Unit 3 assignment we had to talk about a community that we belonged to and the values of that community. I chose to write about my football community. I had to generate ideas and use my coaches, teammates, and myself as a positive resource for completing my Unit 3 assignment. This works on the outcome of developing ideas and finding reliable resources for my writing.
For Halloween in class we were given sheets of superheroes we had to be. I was spider-man, my favorite superhero. I had to convince my group that if we were in an apocalypse why I as spider-man would be helpful to the group of survivors that would eventually save the world. This practiced the outcome of stating and supporting an assertion because I had to state that I should be in the group and give reasons why I should be in the group and how I can help the team.
This is a photo of a classmate researching their topic for our Unit 4 assignment, where we had to pick a global issue and find four different sources of information. This outcome that is presented here is assessing sources and information.
This photo is of a classmates free write. In class almost everyday we were required to do a ten minute free write about the topic that we were working on and sometimes we wrote about anything. This practiced the outcome of organizing our ideas effectively. This free write gave us an opportunity to clear our minds and get everything we had on our minds on paper before starting class so that we could have a productive day in class.
This photo shows a group of students working on peer reviewing and critiquing each others work. This is the outcome of critiquing other's drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem. This is important in writing because you get to let multiple people see your draft and can get different perspectives on how to improve and make your work better.

This background is a fun photo which shows although this was a difficult course we did have a lot of fun and got to develop some great relationships with one another which is a great outcome in my eyes.

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