Teaching With a Conscience in an Imperfect World part 3

Ayers, W. (2016). Teaching with conscience in an imperfect world: an invitation. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

  • Last 1/3
  • Talked about the issues of education, the history of how we got there, and the reform needed to transform it.
  • How can we do a better job at teaching people to think fully
  • How can we live purposefully in the schools while we imagine
  • The basic anatomy of school is is fixed in most of our minds
  • Not really "student centered" like people want it to be
  • What are we?
  • "Learning is living in the most perfect sense"
  • Where are we going?
  • Perform Freedom


Support children and youth as they pursue their own interests

  • Children are human beings not human becomings, and they are natural seekers, meaning-makers, and inventors.
  • Real life Learning
  • Students ask the simple question: "Why?"

Tell the Difficult and Tangled Truths

  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Slavery
  • Make students truth-tellers and ethical actors.
  • Teach them how to pay attention

Practice Courage

  • Education empowers people to challenge authority
  • Teach children how to trust their own views and knowledge and speak about their experiences which they own.
  • We need to defend the rights of the students to have minds of their own.

Search for Root Causes

  • Learn about this from history
  • Go outside
  • Reconnect with nature like Charles Darwin, Margaret Mahler, Galileo, and Marx

Expect Young People to become central actors in their own lives and in the larger world

  • We need to be geared toward allowing people to be fully human
  • Mizzou and race
  • When people act in unison a lot happens

Practice Cooperation-There will be a sense of joy and deeper discipline

Choose Love: "I know you, I love you"

Resist orthodoxy by asking the next question-and the next

  • Historicizing everything "What is the history of "x"'
  • Politicize everything "What industries suffere because of "x"'
  • Active inquiry close to home "what is a typical school lunch"
  • We are all individuals and challenge the idea of conformity

Live in the present tense: Students are experiencing life itself

Unite hand and head: Talked about working in a shipyard; challenge whatever offends your experience or your soul

Organize opportunities to do and to make

Prompt Fearlessness

Resist the notion that education is a K-12 or K-16 affiar

Pursue the production of human beings; not things

See and do art

Embrace Mystery

Demand the impossible

  • Rise up and change the world
  • Fully engage here and now
  • two step approach: One foot planted firmly in the mud; one foot striding freely toward the world as it could be
  • Somethings NEED to be changed-in schools and in society
  • Reject logic of Power
  • "Ten Commitments" called the Ten commandments
  • Walt Whitman Quote
  • Social Justice
  • Look at the world anew
  • "Love your own life. Love the world. Be a mensch"


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