The Good Life Performance By: Demetrius Houser

The Spatial Experience: When entering the theater, I was honestly shocked at how big and well established it was. The artwork that was on the walls and the artwork that stood at a higher height than me gave me a good impression on how professional and artistic the play will be. I sat in a seat all the way to the back middle row and regardless of how awful my seat was, I still was enthralled by the play as my eyes were glued onto the stage and actors when the lights dimmed signifying for everyone to cease their chatter. I believe that this play was related to the good life by showing how an individual who was put into a fortunate position such as being a priest was struggling to live a good life as he knew that his mother and little brother would be stuck in poverty and working in a factory. His sense of good life was seeing his family live a good life while his mother and little brother wanted him to live the good life which made the family have a conflict when the priest offered the son a solution.
The Social Experience: After watching the play, a very nice and very social guy introduced himself to me and sparked a conversation about the play, even though I came with a friend this conversation helped boost my experience as I shared my opinion on how I felt about the play and the characters. This experience related to the good life because as I shared my opinion and listened to another person's opinion as he brought up good points that I never thought of while watching the play.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This played helped me understand my own culture and even made me appreciate my family more than I currently do. I felt connected to the play because it related to my situation in a sense as my whole family is helping me through in college in hopes of living a better life. In the play "The Divine" written by Micheal Marc Bouchard, it takes place in a time in which religion was very prevalent in society and the government as the characters believed that the only way to escape poverty and achieve a good life is for Tablot to become a priest, even though this is a different time this still relates to today's society in which education is now the answer to make it out of poverty. The performance made me question my situation, Tablot is very similar to me because he is faced with sacrifices in order for him and his family to achieve the good life and after watching the play it made me sit back and ponder about my situation.
The Emotional Experience: I honestly believe that the people who would obtain katharsis from this are the people who this story clicked to the most. This story clicked to me because it was like I was the Tablot and watching him made me realize that is shouldnt keep my feeling repressed and that i should properly talk to my parents about this. I realized to the extent that both my family and I are making huge sacrifices just for me to be here and by me knowing that I can not truly live a good life or obtain katharsis unless I know that my family is also living a good life. Thanks to this play I'm one step closer to achieving my good life while truly being happy at the University of Florida without worries.
Thanks for Watching !
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Demetrius Houser

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