LaAmistad at Peachtree February 9, 2017

Dear Friends,

It's been one fabulously fun week of learning here at Peachtree, you bring pure joy and are indeed medicine to the souls of our children.

This week our first graders enjoyed being back at Blue Heron, we'd like to thank Mr. Michael Moore for accompanying them each week. It brings a smile to my face each week to see him enjoying the learning experience as much as they are.

This week we've missed several of you due to illness. We do hope that you are on the mend and will be back with us next week. So cuddle up, stay warm and drink plenty of chicken soup.

Quarterly Volunteer Meeting

The time and place have been set for the meeting but we are still trying to determine which date will be most convenient for you. Our goal is to have as many of you there as possible.

Please take just a minute to click on the button below to cast your vote for your preferred day. The time and place have already been set.

Time: 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Where: Room 2202

You will have the opportunity to review student reports and data. I will share resources for classroom computer usage, literacy materials and best practices for reading and math.

If in the event you won't be able to join us please take the opportunity to leave any feedback (via email, note, or personal conversation) I will make sure that the information is relayed to your grade level team.

I am so excited about collaborating together about how we can continue to help our students succeed.

February Dates to Remember

February 14th

Valentine's Day

1st Graders to Blue Heron

February 20-21st

No Program for Students- LaAmistad Closed

Winter Break for Students

February 28th

New Volunteer Training

February 12th and 26th

Sunday Study Hall

Love abounds in learning

Word of the week


Meaning: represent a number by a figure or symbol; a collection of symbols

Can be used instead of: say, show, equation

Study Skill

Ask if You Don't Understand

How to incorporate the study skill: If you don't understand what a teacher says or what an assignment is asking you to do, ASK the teacher. It is possible others in the class don't understand either.



Modesty is having self respect. When you practice modesty, you are not showy or boastful. Modesty comes when you have self-acceptance and quiet pride. Modesty is to value yourself and to have a sense of respectful privacy about your body. Modesty is also accepting praise with humility and gratitude.

Modesty Affirmation

"I am modest. I have no need to brag. I dress in a way that shows respect for myself and others. I protect myself from disrespectful attention"

Black History Month Snapshots

February is Black History month and each day before bringing the kids to class I will be sharing a quick snapshot of a different person or event in honor of Black History month. Take a moment to ask your students about our snapshot chat when they come to class.

A few of our third grade students are doing their "Pizza Box" book report on Frederick Douglas.

I'd thought I share this educational video with you.

Thank you for joyfully serving our children each week.

Have a wonderful weekend- Vera

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