Costa Rican Vacation Tiffany Waitzmann

In less than 100 days I will be off on my first international flight. Leaving from the only city I truly know, Kansas City, Mo and arriving in a beautiful, foreign land, San Jose, Costa Rica, hours later.
Not only is this my first time leaving the United States to visit another country, it is also my first time EVER flying on an airplane. Through the course of my 25 years, I have managed to elude this form of transportation. To say I am nervous would be an understatement, and, trust me, I KNOW, planes are safer statistically than driving stomach knots up regardless thinking of take off.
Did I mention how BEAUTIFUL Costa Rica is?! Coastal beaches, rainforest, mountains, and rolling hills; Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful natural sights to take in. We are going during a particularly decent period of the "wet season" where the weather is warm and sunny in the morning and early afternoon with refreshing rains in the late afternoon to early evening to cool down the temperature.
Our trip to Costa Rica begins with a 4 hour Waterfall Zip Line tour. This tour includes: 25 cables, crossing over 11 waterfalls, 2 rappelings, the opportunity to swim in a natural mountain pool, a suspended bridge, and a chance to see numerous Costa Rican animals in their natural habitat.

Costa Rica is home to 6 different species of toucans. We hope to see a few of these beautiful birds while ziplining through the jungle.

The link above gives all information you'll ever need regarding these uniquely adorable animals called Coatis.

Costa Rica is home to four different types of monkeys. It just happens to be home to the mildly terrifying "howler monkey." Click on the button below to get a taste of a morning wake up call in Costa Rica.
I MUST see one of these sweet babies. I am bound and determined to at BARE minimum see a sloth. I really want to hold one of these wondrous creatures and see them up close in their nature habitat.
After exploring the Rainforest for two days, the remainder of the trip will be spent wandering Costa Rican beaches and exploring the lower lands. It is a trip I cannot wait to take and one, I already know, will go by completely to fast.


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