Why marriage works? Jadelynne Green

Live a healthier life

Duke university medical center found that unmarried individuals were twice as likely to die early compared to those in long term relationships. Married people live longer and healthier lives. Unmarried people can "chop" their lives off by 10 years. Patients who lived longer live 20% longer.


Live a safer life


Marriage lowers the risk of violence which include domestic violence. Single and divorced women are 4 times more likely to be involved in violence than married women.

Live a happier life


The U.K. Found that being married is 20 times more important to a persons happiness than their earnings and 13 times more important than owning a home. Another survey found that being married was the third most important factor related to happiness. 40% of married people say they are very happy with life in general compared to the 18% of the divorced people.

Live a mentally stable life


Married men and women are less depressed and anxious. Wives are less likely to commit suicide compared to single and divorced women. Marie people are less likely to have drinking problems or drug abuse problems.

You will be richer!


Married men make 40% more than single men. The longer a man stays married, the higher the marriage premium. Getting a wife can increase a salary as much as a college education. Black wives earn 10% more than single wives.


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