Midevil Torture Devices Devin St.CLair

Stocks/Pillory- stocks held people's ankles and the pillory held people’s neck and wrists

Hanging-this was used quite commonly and they were even cut down while they were still alive and got their heads cut off and their limbs were cut off and put on display in towns.

Burned at the stake-if someone commits heresy then they will be banished or burned at the stake and witches were also burned at the stake

Ordeal by Fire- he person would walk 9 feet over a red hot plough share or carrying a red hot iron, after 3 days if the burns have shown improvement then he was innocent

Ordeal by combat-two parties had to fight and the winner was declared innocent
mutilation- if the person did something wrong then he would lose a hand or a foot or worse


Created with images by zigazou76 - "Chaise de torture" • michael_reuter - "The pillory" • A tea but no e - "pillory too" • myeralan - "Pillory" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Pillory" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Stocks" • Horia Varlan - "Group of hanging ropes each with a noose at the end" • penelope waits - "5 henry vi pt1" • skeeze - "helmet soldier roman" • ciscai - "untitled image" • Phil_Parker - "Lego accident" • frankieleon - "weight loss"

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