Slime Time: A Chemical Change By Cam Barker


In this experiment, I will be demonstrating how to make slime. This is a fun way of showing a chemical change in action. I will be combining sodium borate with polyvinyl alcohol. After much stirring, the two liquids will form into a gooey, thick and stretchy substance, aptly named, “slime”.

Cross linking in action

Relevant Chemistry Concept:

Making slime is an example of a chemical change. Chemical changes involve chemical reactions and the creation of new products. During a chemical reaction, the atoms within a substance are rearranged into different combinations. The substances used in making slime, sodium borate and polyvinyl alcohol, form together to create a new substance that is slime. The polyvinyl alcohol, which is a polymer, is attracted to the sodium borate which is the cross linker. This attraction links the two molecules to form long chains, and tons of these chains together form the slime.


  • Container for mixing (I'll be using a glass measuring cup)
  • Measuring device (I'll be using 2 glass measuring cups - one large and one small)
  • Spoon or stirring stick
  • 3% solution of polyvinyl alcohol
  • 4% solution of sodium borate
  • Dye (optional)
  • Safety glasses
Here are my chemicals used in creating the slime.


When all materials are organized, safety glasses will need to be put on. To ensure proper slime consistency, the ratio of polyvinyl alcohol to sodium borate is 20:1. For the amount I’m making, I will measure out 100mL of 3% polyvinyl alcohol in the measuring cup, which will also serve as my mixing bowl. Next, I will add in a few drops of the pink dye and stir. Next, while continuing to stir, I will slowly add in 5mL of 4% sodium borate. Lastly, I will stir for approximately two minutes as I intermittently check for the substance to obtain the correct consistency of slime.

Finished product!

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