Google Keep Kids on Track Encouraging kids to be the engineers of their own educational journey

Blue Ridge Middle School Purcellville

Loudoun County Public Schools

Megan Baird

Dean Grade 8

Most All Around Best Person Ever

Marnie Hawk

Instructional Facilitator, Technology

Smartass Extraordinaire
life is a journey
where do you want to go?

Structured Resource

Smaller "study hall" setting

One on one guidance with completing assignments, visiting teachers, study habits

Grade 6 and 7 = 45 minutes every other day

Grade 8 = 90 minutes every other day

the why

LCPS Building Blocks include Student Agency

Personalized Learning needs Student Goal-Setting and Reflection

Needed to change who was doing the work

Hattie says kids who know their grades do better in school - how can we “make” them check StudentVue?

Someone told me they couldn’t do it

the who

Students should be responsible for their own work, doing their own work, keeping track of their own work

With Keep, they get a structured checklist of assignments to complete, teachers to see, assessments to take

Accountability is thrown in with the cool cross-out feature

Accessible on any device - GOOGLE

I hear a train a'comin
Student View of Keep

the how

Ts create a basic format in Keep

Copy and share out one per kid

Includes link to Grade Check Form

Shared with all stakeholders

Students begin using it in 6th grade and continue with the same one subsequent years

Check out all the stakeholders who care about this student in 6th Block Resource...

Thoughts or questions thus far?

the when

Each resource block, students complete a Google Form, which makes them check their grade progression and develop a to-do list with built in accountability.

Grade Check form



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