Video game survey results

Do 7th graders play video games?

Hello my name is Zach Ewert I did my project on vido games because I play them myself. And I wanted to see if other people around my age play them too. So I asked 7th graders if they played video games. I interviewed 8 girls and 2 guys. This group was created randomly to avoid sampling bias.

Surprising Findings

I thought that most of the students in my group wouldn't play video games. Because of maybe school related reasons such as home work. Also because of the fact that I don't know if they play video games or not. But as you can see 6 of the 10 people in the group said they play video games.

I also found out that the ones who did play didn't play that much. Or as often as I expected them to.

Someone's response?

I also asked some of the students what their favorite game was.


My survey did achieve it's purpose. Which was to give me information about if 7th graders at Monroe Junior High played video games. As a result of the sample group I concluded most 7th graders at Monroe Junior High plays video games. Or out of the group that I sampled.

What i would change

I would change how many people I surveyed. I would like to see if other grades and ages play video games. I would also like to have a larger group number so I can determine the actual 7th grade as a whole.

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