On Liturgy Samantha Adair, period C, 2/28/17

What is Litrugy?

It's a word that means public work, or work done on behalf of the people. It's an organized community. The work is all Holy. People within the church are all expected to participate. It's centered on the Holy Spirit. The work is done for the Father, through the Son, and with the unity of the Holy Spirit. Liturgical celebrations take place through Christ who is invisible to Christ and the liturgical event is performed by the priest with the body which is the church.

Mass as a Sacrifice:

The mass is a sacrifice because Christ is offering himself to the lord through the bread and wine. Through the priest Christ is offering himself to the Father even though we can't see him. Christ is not continuing to be crucified but when he died on the cross it was an everlasting sacrifice. His sacrifice on the cross doesn't continue, his sacrifice was an eternal gift for the forgiveness of human sin.

Community and Liturgy:

The Liturgy is an act of love. All who participate in it are affected and brought together by it. The Liturgy was a gift of love by Christ to the people. It transforms the people that you are connected to when you participate it the Liturgy.

Liturgical Diversity in the Church:

The Liturgy is for the unity of all people. Within different church communities there are different types of people. Christ sacrificed himself to forgive all people's sins. The church is rooted in the salvation of all people. Just as All people need to participate in the Liturgy that means people with different cultural backgrounds are brought together. The Liturgy should be celebrated in all cultures.

How the Liturgy is both unified and diverse?

The Liturgy is unified and diverse. It is unified through the sacrifice of Christ for all people. It is also diverse because it requires the public work of all people within the church. The church is united through its diversity. It models it unity on the Holy Trinity. The Father is the lover. The son is the love given to the people and the Holy Spirit united that love. Christ's eternal sacrifice is given my the priest and Christ's being helps bring the sacrifice of bread and wine to the Father. The entire Liturgy requires unity and work from the whole church.

I have neither given nor received help on the assignment. Samantha Adair

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