Harn Museum of Art Noah Rodriguez

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

From a picture, the untitled work by John Chamberlain pictured above may just look like a chunk of metal, however in person there is a character about it that is not captured in photography. The sculpture is made of industrial-weight aluminum foil crushed into a ball and then sprayed with special paint that makes the overall piece very unique and beautiful. In person, the paint reflects off the metal in such a way to provide the piece with a modern, matte look. The colors that the sculpture is painted with are different, yet flow very nicely throughout the piece. Although the way the metal was crushed was random, there is a simplicity about it that speaks to me. The artwork tells me that even though life may sometimes get difficult and complicated, we should look towards the simple things and appreciate what we have.

Design of the Museum

The most striking wing for me was the Asian Art wing, which is pictured above. Im a huge fan of natural colors, the the vibrant hard wood floors of this wing really stood out as beautiful to me. Because wood is a natural color, the artwork in the room was able to stand out in a very nice way. This wing was very spacious and natural feeling, and there was a big window with view of a garden that added to the natural feel as well as provided natural lighting. At the entrance of the wing was a large case filled with vases and pots of different colors and sizes, which really popped nicely against the wood case. Throughout the wing was white stands with more artwork placed on top, which made the exhibit feel modern yet subtle. Lastly, there were two large pieces of art in the middle that stood out as the main pieces due to the colors and arrangement of the room.

Art and Core Values

The artwork above by Rafael Tufino appeals to my core values of love and community. My understanding of the artwork is that a community of people have gathered together to sing and make music. When I look at this artwork, I feel a sense of friendship and love for another, something I feel is necessary to a Good Life. Men and women of all ages and races have gathered together for entertainment and joy. The artwork further instills in me that the power of love and unity is necessary for the general happiness and Good Life for people.

Art and the Good Life

The Good Life theme depicted in the above artwork is the theme of embodying the Good Life. Frida Kahlo was known for extravagant and unique clothing style and always dressed how she wanted. She was proud of her body and her heritage. Her outfits reflected her moods and her current situations in life, and she was very careful about what she picked to wear. She viewed her body as a medium for art, and tried to send the message that everyone’s body is a work of art. Frida Kahlo's portrayal of the Good Life ideal of embodiment are so important and impactful that she was given her own section of the Harn Museum. By photographing Frida Kahlo and making a very large print of her, embodying the Good Life is instilled in every viewer of the piece.

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