Portrait Project By: Jasmine engle


In this photo i used the background of the subject as a sort of frame. As well as i used the thing the subject is sitting on as a line. Light was also being used in this as you can see is highlighting her features. In all it creates focus onto the subject.

Away From Wall

I did not arrange this scene, i took it as they were running. I thought that this would be a perfect time to take a picture so i did.

With Flash

This picture was taken on purpose just for my amusement. So by using flash you can get a real sense as to how it really looked like.

Without Flash

This picture was set up with him acting goofy. I used vivid color at the time to enhance the natural color that was already there to make it pop.

Against Wall

Alright, this cannot be explained but lets just say he took it too literal "against the wall". I used this sense i felt like it looked really well and fit the title.

Subjects Environment

We happened across a group of students outside the office from the middle school AVID and they looked so natural that i had to take it. To me it shows the future of high schoolers.

Natural Light

In this we had Frank against a neutral color as he looked out into the distance. This caused for a very eye catching photo of natural light.

My Choice

I choose this as one of my choice sense i felt it had many aspects of photography in it. Selective focus, natural light, etc. Although i could agree it's a little underexposed. It sill made for a great photo.

My Choice

What made me take this photo is that her shadow caught my eye and with her standing completely still it looks as if she's taking a picture as well. The brick wall in front of her acting as a frame and leading lines.

My Choice

Lastly has to be one of the best pictures i've taken so far. I took this keeping in mind of the wall he's against, the stadium/clouds behind him, as well as the direction he was facing. I truly believe this to be a very eye catching photo with the colors popping out at you and also the sense that his expression brings.

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