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I truly want to express how thankful I am for your trust in both my abilities and workmanship to be considered to capture such a special day in your life. A photographer's job on a wedding day is to capture the essences of the day and the emotions that make the day as special as it is and I aim to capture lasting images that will withstand the test of time so that on your 25th Wedding Anniversary, your images will still take your breath away.

The Why!

As a second generation photographer, I grew up around photography and through that time have developed a passion for creating timeless imagery for as long as I can remember. You can say that being behind the camera comes to me as natural as breathing. Being trusted to capture someone’s wedding is a great honor and something that I do not take lightly. Your wedding photographs should be enduring – speaking throughout time to the love that was expressed throughout the process and on that day while serving as a foundation for all the wonderful things that have been nurtured from that love. I hope my pride in craftsmanship connects with couples seeking authenticity, quality and creativity.

Enjoy the moment!

After Saying Yes!

Not only is your engagement session an opportunity for you to reveal the big news to family and friends, it is also an opportunity to do it with style and class! Engagement sessions are pretty laid back and are used typically to give the couple the opportunity to find their comfort level with both me and the camera . Remember that your engagement session is an opportunity to express both your personality and the essence of your relationship. I recommend two to three outfits, one that is more casual/relaxed and one that is more formal. Engagement sessions can range from one to three hours with one to three locations.

Be in the Moment!

Engagement sessions are typically a couple's first time in front of a professional camera together so it is expected that it will feel both awkward and difficult, but worry not, that is actually NORMAL. Throughout the session I will guide and instruct you on how to pose and interact; and together we will create timeless images. Your only job during the session and time together is to have fun and enjoy this time with your significant other.

Laughter is key!

Engagement Preparation!

One thing I recommend to my couples is to put as much effort in the where (locations) as they did the what (outfits) of the session. The locations used for your engagement session should be both an extension of your personality while being complimentary to your outfits. As a general rule I arrive to most sessions with a few locations in mind, but rather my clients choose their locations to make the session more personal for them. I believe this also bring a certain comfort level to the session which will be express in the imagery captured throughout the session.

As for restrictions for the engagement session, I am pretty flexible. Remember this session is for you, but I will make the recommendations such as limiting both outfit changes and locations to three to make the most of our time shooting during the session. Also I do recommend professional stylist and make-up artist to ensure that all bases are professionally handled for your session.

Be Yourself!

My Style!

I will capture your wedding story with purpose. Through experience, I have learned the art of engaging a client, timing classic moments, knowing when not to shoot and how to emotionally connect and capture that emotion in each frame. While I will capture more images than I deliver, you can be assured that the images you receive will tell a story of love and joy.

What to Expect!

One of my major goals when I decided to take the route of entrepreneurship was to turn my clients into friends. Throughout the entire process, my goal is to be there to provide knowledge and advice as needed while forming a relationship with you, the client. To provide superior customer service, I truly believe that my services should extend a little beyond the photography.

Session Pricing!


One (1) Hour Session

Two (2) Outfits | One (1) Location

(1) Stand Out Mounted 20x24 | (10) 8x10 Luster Fine Prints

30-40 High Resolution Edited Images

30 Day Online Gallery

Premier Session | $1300

Two (2) Hour Session

Three (3) Outfit Changes | Two (2) Locations

(1) Stand Out Mounted 20x30 | (10) 8x10 Luster Fine Prints

60-70 High Resolution Edited Images

30 Day Online Gallery

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