Free People’s New Location Opening Success By Shaina Selvaraju

While snacking off of trays of appetizers from Terrain, women of all ages wandered through the midst of flowy fabrics, lace, and glitter in hopes of finding an article of clothing that would bring out their bohemian side. Though the workers were working furiously just up until the grand opening, the tension dispersed as soon as the first customers walked in. Since then, Free People has successfully managed to keep a steady flow of customers since their opening on March 30, 2017.

The retail store under Urban Inc. has often been described as "down to earth, easy going, bohemian, and little bit of urban,” said store manager Bianca Torres. She goes onto say that at all their locations, the workers work really work head to exert that vibe. “We are warm and welcoming, and we even allow animals.”

The assistant manager, Ali Hoernig added onto that and said “our customer service is 110%, we know you by name, and it's a little but more intimate of an experience.” To which Torres said “It’s not going to be, here’s your size and that’s it. It’s going to be ‘Hey, I will give you a call when things come in’ or ‘hey, do you want us to open our doors early for you?’” Not only do they feel the need to dedicate time to customers, but they have and are willing to open up earlier or later in order to cater to special events like prom or graduation or just because a customer needs a little bit more time.

In addition to that, Free People offers customers their own stylists. Unlike most stores, Free People doesn’t have people who will just find sizes and where you can locate things, they will talk to you, figure out your style, give advice, and help find clothing that they think will suit their customers.

In regards to their success, Torres said “We kind of feel like we’re taking Westport by storm. I mean you come back in 6 months and see if we are still on this high, but it’s been amazing.”

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