Westward We Go! By: Georgia, kelsie, Julissa, aNd aidan

Come West!

You are probably thinking why should I move all the way West I have a wonderful home here in the east. Well because we have great farming land for tobacco, corn, and wheat. You can finally have a nice meals again, and that's not all there is way more land over West!

A home in the 1800s

There is also great wood for homes and wood and coal for fuel to keep warm in the winter and cooking. You also do not have to worry about indians, you can finally just relax!

1800s farming land

If you come know you will get sixty five hectares (a metric unit of square measurement)! Also, there is enough rain here to make huge crops to sell to Europe for good prices

Plow from 1800s

There is soon going to be a new and improved plow for breaking up the grassland of the plains. There are also great techniques for farming in warm weather, so when you think your crops are about to die no need to worry!

I hope we have persuade you enough so you can come west!


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