Principal Report 2019 | TERM THREE | 20 SEPTEMBER


We have made it. Another great term of learning. This term we have done so many wonderful things. We planted trees at Coburg Lake for National Plant Tree Day, celebrated 100 days of school, fund raised for Jeans for Genes Day and Footy Colours Day. We had a few choir outings, celebrated book week, was involved in Coburg High Transition. We had students try out for the athletics, had a fantastic Father’s day stall and Pie Day. Our first ever Student Led Exhibitions was a huge success with much positive feedback about students facilitating their learning (well done!). We had the Year 3 and Year 4s go out to Phillip Island Adventure Resort as well as having the Grade 1 dinner. What a great term.

Last week our school was mentioned in the Herald Sun as being one of the fastest growing schools in Victoria. Our school was listed as the third fastest in the North West with a growing population at 167%. This was based on last year’s data, so this year with 540 students and next year with 580 students, we could only imagine where this would leave us on that list. This is confirmation that the school is going through a massive change which undoubtably has impacts on the school. I’d like to thank our parent community to who has been understanding of our current situation. Hang tight everyone, next year we will see ourselves with new spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Building Update

I have walked through the inside of our new specialist complex and I have to tell you that it is absolutely amazing. Truly it will be one amazing place that the students and our community will adore. I’d like to publicly thank those on the capital works team (Sebastian Furness, Emma Hopkins, Stephen Sharpe, Simon Presljak, Debb Davis and Tim Prendergast) for their advice and guidance on the design of this building. Their push to move the windows down so that you can see through the gym, STEAM room and oval is just sensational. What a great idea from our capital works team. Well done.

We are on track with brick works commencing and carpentery continuing to add shape to the building.

Hot Topics in the School Yard


A few weeks ago I had a discussion with a few parents in regards to the loss of community within the school. This was one of our hot topics last year where parents indicated their concerns regarding the loss of much loved events that bring the community together (see link below for last year’s newsletter article about loss of traditional community events due to capital works and size of school).

A few parents have been talking about the recent loss of the weekly assemblies. This has been due to the loss of the gym. The only space we have available for assembly is the junior area to which was too cold and wet to use during winter. Next term we are hoping for much nicer weather and we wish to hold more assemblies next term (bring on the band!). This of course will be weather dependent. Next year we will see our weekly assemblies back within a new undercovered space.

I thought that this was a good opportunity to talk about all the amazing things that Coburg North PS does in regards to community involvement. I have never come across a school that is as involved as we are, even with the loss of some events due to capital works, we are still heavily involved. Here is a list of all the ways that the community can jump in:

School Organised Events Open to the Community

  • Annual smoking ceremony
  • Book Parade
  • Easter Parade
  • Footy Parade
  • Biannual Concert
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Representing the school at Anzac and Rememberance Day remorial
  • Puberty Education Parent Night
  • Walk Safely to School Day
  • Education Week - Open Day
  • Story Time
  • National Tree Day
  • Book Week Parade
  • Footy Day Parade
  • Book Swap
  • Student Led Exhibitions
  • Christmas concert

Parent Involvment through P&F Community Events

  • Mothers and Father’s Day Stalls
  • Footy Pie Day
  • Bunnings BBQs
  • Trivia Night
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Plants for Playgrounds
  • Harmony Day
  • (I’m sure there are a few I might of missed here - we have the best P&F team:)

Ability for Parent Involvment through School Council, Committees and Working Parties

  • School Council (we have 9 parent positions on school council)
  • Education Committee (development of school policies)
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Finance
  • Parent and Friends
  • Out of School Hours Care
  • Sustainability Working Party
  • Camps Working Party
  • Community Engagment Working Party
  • Technology Working Party
  • Wellbeing Working Party
  • Playground Working Party

We have also involved the community with school initiatives in regards to hearing parent’s voices about: school values; student report; playground and 1:1 devices for Years 3-4.

If you have come to the belief that our school has lost our community feel, I would like to encourage you to take part in our school committees and you will see first hand how dedicated and passionate and involved our community is. We are very fortunate that we have such a passionate P&F and School Council who commit a lot of their own time for our school.

Enjoy Your School Holidays

If you manage to get some time away these school holidays, may the weather be warm and sunny. Take care, be safe and we will see you all back here for our last term of learning.

Monika Gruss