Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals Learning objective 5

Most important: Family

Reflection: I found it difficult to discard leisure and fun. I strongly enjoy my free time and put a high value on it. When life gets hectic, it is nice to sometimes sit back and relax, but I find it more important to be compassionate and loving. Knowledge was also difficult to discard. I see myself as fairly logical, and I love to learn new things. God's will was not particularly difficult to discard because if I love my neighbor and my family, I already am following God's will.

Short term goals: Every time I visit home, it is my goal to go to the store with my parents every time they go to the store and help them shop. Another short term goal is to pray every morning that God may use me to further his kingdom.

Long term goals: One goal is to call my parents every other day at school for the rest of the term and to call my sisters whenever I feel like I could use their advice. Another is to volunteer at the local foster care center twice a week during breaks, so that I can show my love for others who may not have as much. To accomplish God's will, my goal is to go to a small group meeting every Wednesday night.


Experiment: Call my mom every other day for a week, and observe how that affects my mood, her mood, and our relationship.

Reflection: My mom was extremely happy when I called her because she's usually the one to call me. She was excited to talk about everything I did that day and everything she did that day. I could definitely tell that talking with me improved her mood. It also made me feel good that I could do something to make my mom so happy. My mood also improved. The relationship between me and my mom was already extremely good, so I don't feel that this experiment improved it much, but there was some improvement.


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