Gareth Hinds Author Visit January 13, 2016

Read a great graphic novel lately? Graphic novels by Gareth Hinds are flying off the library shelves following Hinds's visit to Worcester Academy on January 13th. During his presentations to middle and upper school students, Hinds discussed the graphic novels he has adapted and published and his background in graphic design for computer games.

Hinds presented to the middle school during assembly and, tying together geometry, art, reading, and writing, shared his creative process. He wowed students with real-time sketching!

Gareth Hinds shows how he would create depth in a graphic novel panel.

Through their English classes, over 130 upper school students had the opportunity to participate in workshop presentations with Hinds. Hinds's graphic novels include Beowulf, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, and King Lear, all of which are part of the upper school English curriculum. The upper school workshops included time to draw with Hinds demonstrating how to turn a stick figure into a more robust, fluid figure.

Hinds shows upper school students how to draw people.

Students used the library's whiteboard tables and whiteboard wall to practice drawing and developing a story.

A couple students even drew our visitor!

Overall, approximately 250 students and faculty had the opportunity to participate in the author visit. Several students commented that they were amazed by Hinds's discipline in his work and what it takes to be an artist. This was a great collaboration between the English department and Mildred H. McEvoy Library, and we were so excited to share this experience with students!

Hinds talks with students while they practice drawing.

Photos by Pete Smith and Jennifer Hanson

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