How Does The Kate Barlow Change Over The Course Of The Book Holes By: jamie hosn

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Kate Barlow changes over the course of the book by changing from a friendly and caring woman, to a murderer, criminal, and leader of a gang.

Explanation for answer and quote from text

Kate Barlow was a friendly and caring person for children and adults alike. She taught children and adults, she made peaches from the peach trees on the lake. She also complemented people.

"How would you know Sam, your'e not a day over 25"(Sacher, Lewis:1998)

Explanation for answer and quote from text

After Sam died, Kate Barlow took revenge on the sheriff by killing him and giving him a kiss. That was the beginning of a murdering, robbing, and leading a gang for a while until finally she died at the teeth of a yellow spotted lizard,

"Still want that kiss?" she said as she shot the sheriff. (Sachar, Lewis:1998)

(Kate Barlow from the movie holes)

Conclusion and Opinion

Kate Barlow definitely changed. She went from kind, to murderous. Caring, to robbing, and complementary to a leader of a gang.

My opinion is that Kate Barlow is still in the there, just that the loss and grief of Sam overcomes it.


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