Visiting the Harn Art Museum by: connor middleton


I visited the Harn Art Museum for the first time and was completely blow away by some of the art on display. I was able to go by myself and took my time looking at titles of different pieces of art, exploring each room of the museum. The four different categories I will sum up my experience will include: exploring the different mediums used by artists, the design of the museum itself, art and core values, and art and the Good Life.

The Medium of Art

This is me with a picture of a piece titled, Midtown Composite, by Yvonne Jacquette.

The walk through tour guide told me to try to find a piece that you really have to see in person in order to get the whole effect of the piece and this piece can fit into that category perfectly. This piece actually was carved out of wood and together, all the individual carvings make up Manhattan. If I would not have been up close and personal with this piece, I would have not noticed that it was actually carved, but because I did, I became more impressed with the piece.

The Design of the Museum

My favorite part of the Harn was David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing.

Part of the Design of this room that made it so unique in my mind was the wood panels. The wood that surrounded the outside of the art made it seem as if the pieces were being set up in order to sell. They had the pots set up in a way that made it seem like a normal chest filled with pots, but when you were able to get up close to the pieces, I saw how each pot had its unique side. The design of this room provided the ambiance that made me dig deeper into each singular, art piece.

All the pots consist of similar themes, but their individual traits give them each their unique twist. The wood floors and wooden frames that protect the pots give this room a different feel than the other rooms in the Harn.

Art and Core Values

This piece really appealed to my core values.
This piece is called, Manhattan, by George Grosz

This piece of art is very personal to me because of what it portrays. New York City is my favorite city in the world, one I definitely want to live in someday. The city represents ambition and hard work, something you can achieve if you really put your mind to it. George Grosz used oil to paint a sky line that I could see myself living in one day if I stick to my plan and continue to pursue what I am passionate about.

Art and the Good Life

This piece, St. Jean's Bay, by Leon Kroll, represents some parts of the Good Life for me.

St. Jean's Bay is a beautiful piece. For me, it represents peace and leisure, two things I definitely think help make up the good life. The setting of this piece helps represent my view of the good life, because I love nature and there are not two better places to be than in the mountains or by the water. The people who are just laying out and getting to experience both the water and the mountains are definitely enjoying themselves, and if you combine the setting with the mood the artist is trying to portray, you can definitely see some themes of the good life.


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