Non-Fiction Text By: Sydney Silvers

What is it?

Non-Fiction is writing dealing with real people, time events, places, pretty much everything is real. It is not as fun to read as fiction but is very important to learn things from Non-Fiction books.

The Purpose

When an author is writing a book, they usually have a purpose. It is either to entertain, inform, or persuade. The purpose of writing Non-Fiction is to inform the reader.

Text Features

Non-Fiction text usually contains features such as captions, photos, and timelines. Maybe the book you are reading might not have all of these things, but that does not mean it is not Non-Fiction.

What´s the difference?

Sometimes it is really hard to tell if a book is Fiction or Non-Fiction, but just remember, Non-Fiction is real with real people and real events.


Biographies are a great example of Non-Fiction text. They are full of facts and no opinions, such as the biography of Walt Disney.


Opinions in Non-Fiction text is not good because it is not true. Opinions do not help and are not wanted in Non-Fiction text!

More Examples

Another example of Non-Fiction would be Newspapers. They give you facts about what is happening right now in your community and world.

Biased Text

News channels are a great place to get the news but be careful of biased news. If it sounds more like an opinion than a fact, then it usually isn´t true.

Non-Fiction may be boring but some books can be fun to read such as the one about Trains.

No the best, but a little fun to read about.

Of course there is also not really fun text such as the book about John Adams.

Not fun to read unless you like to read about him.
It doesn't matter what the book is, just find one that looks interesting to you, Non-Fiction can be fun and will help improve your brain!

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