Nature's Beauty: Florida Museum of Natural History Ana Arnillas

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Exhibit.

Nature on Display

I found this exhibit to be extraordinarily beautiful. It all started with the title-- A Chorus of Colors-- which caught my attention due to all its vibrant colors and shades. The entrance of this exhibit is a collage of frogs with an enticing hue of colors and as soon as you get through the door the room is dimly lit besides the sections lit for the frogs. It is arranged in order to help someone learn about these amphibians by starting off with common frogs and then bringing up the common misconception of Frog vs Toad. I was able to learn the differences of these two animals while also having live examples to look at. If it wasn't for this exhibit I wouldn't have been able to learn about frogs as in depth as I did that day. My favorite part had to be the live poisonous frogs that were behind a clear glass; letting me see the iridescent tiny creatures. It was a great environment to learn thanks to it's appealing setting and was definitely a memorable time.

Nature and Ethics

The gator did not survive.

"Love, Respect, and Admire" these words prove true for every aspect of life. Most importantly we should say this to the world as much as we say it to our families. Earth is what has provided us with our eternal home. By viewing ourselves as part of the "biotic community" like Leopold says, we can still succeed in the world but in an environmentally cautious way. The museum had such an array of fossils and artifacts that amazed me. I can say that I only knew about 1/5th of the animals on display and it's upsetting to know that many of those are or are in the process of becoming endangered. As I kept walking, I knew that this responsibility lay on me as much as it did on the other 7 billion people on this planet. I had a sudden realization that I am to hold myself accountable as should everyone else in order to preserve what little we have left of a healthy ecosystem. Many sections of the museum let the passengers interact by appealing to every sense. My favorite parts were finding animals around a make shift jungle or the miniature setting of the Colusa tribe where everything looked like an aerial view of the past. Looking back, I know I have a responsibility to be one of many to begin to change the way people interact with our surroundings.

Nature and the human spirit

Life is all about reflection. It's about being able to look back on your past experiences and determining what could have went better or what was gained. This is what provides people the chance to connect to the eternal by letting us gain wisdom; something everlasting. The Natural History museum let's one step out of our ordinary lives by engulfing everyone into a building filled with knowledge waiting to be picked up. There are so many things about the world that because it isn't on land or mentioned often people don't care to learn about. However, once you have such an open setting that provides so much it is impossible to ignore. Museums are a blessing to society, such a pure setting, with it's only purpose to help you and give you something you didn't have before, letting people uncover the 'mystery' of the world.


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