Middle East News MCcartney

Donald Trump's new travel ban does not affect iraq but happens to affect most of the Middle East.

This is a plane from iraq showing that they are still using planes from America and not following the travel ban.

This is Donald Trump at a press conference about the new law involving the Middle East not being able to travel to America.

This is the Trump tower in Las Vegas.

A court in egypt clears the way and makes a path for the former president's (Hosni Mubarak's trial. He was convicted of embezzlement along with his 2 sons. The three family members have been imprisoned for 4 years and also fined for 3 million pounds.

The European court of justice's ruling against deporting the daughter-in-law of Abu Hamza sets a dangerous precedent.


Created with images by M1key.me - "Kneel before Al Khazneh!" • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - "170206-D-VO565-012" • quapan - "Donald Trump at the RESOLUTE DESK in the Oval Office (25th Jan 2017)" • quapan - "JANUS-Tête-à-Tête: Sitting President & President-elect, Barack Obama & Donald Trump squatting next to each other on arm-chairs in the Oval Office on November 10th 2016." • US Army Africa - "Darfur support, U.S. Army Africa, Kigali, Rwanda 090114" • Michael Vadon - "Donald J. Trump at Marriott Marquis NYC September 7th 2016" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas (29)" • evefouche - "President Hosni Mubarak" • quapan - "german dailies about Muammar Gaddafi - behind newspaper box bars (23rd February 2011)" • p_a_h - "Hampton Court" • p_a_h - "Hampton Court"

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