First Impressions Our First few days in Münster

We have officially been in Münster as a group for a few days. Münster is a beautiful city with a lot more bikes than I expected.

When I first arrived in Germany and Münster specifically I was a little disappointed by how poorly I actually spoke German. But I'm looking forward to the exposure from both classes and home life, hopefully I improve quite a bit before going back to the US. I was amazed by how quickly everyone spoke. I could understand pieces and words of conversations, but I couldn't always piece together the point or what exactly they were saying. When we first got here I was particularly bad at going in stores because I would always panic and speak in English, but I've gotten much better since then at asking them to speak slower instead, so that I can actually work on my German and not my English!

I really love walking by the Aa River in town. It amazes me how much nature they have been able to fit in the city. From trees lining the Promenade to tiny parks in nooks and crannies of houses, there are always plants nearby.
The art and architecture in the city is also beautiful!

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