Young Life Western Europe Expeditions

Connecting People

Across Cultures

through Service & Engagement

We offer work crew, summer staff and camp work week trips for high school, college, adult, family and church teams to connect with our Young Life staff and leaders around Europe. Expeditions staff handle accounting, communication, fundraising coaching, travel logistics and calendar management for all of the service opportunities.

Flexibility is key as you will fill many of the traditional roles of work crew and summer staff while also helping the staff and leaders put on an amazing week of Young Life camp. In addition to your week of service you may customize your trip to include additional days of touring in Europe before or after the camp week.



Day 1: Travel Day. Flight departs US to Lisbon, Portugal.

Day 2: Arrive at Lisbon Airport in Portugal. Welcome to Portugal by YL Portugal staff. Check-in to hostel in Cascais for overnight. Dinner together, camp overview, get settled and rest.

Day 3: Spend the day in the small beach town of Cascais and partake in work crew training.

Day 4: Travel to Sintra and help with YL Camp preparations.

Day 5-10: Serve on work crew at the Young Life Portugal Surf Camp.

Day 11: Return to Cascais and spend a day on the beach for a chance to debrief with your team.

Day 12: Return flight from Lisbon to the US.



Day 1: Travel Day. Flight departs US to Barcelona, Spain.

Day 2: Arrive at Barcelona Airport in Spain. Check-in to hostel in Barcelona for overnight. Explore city, dinner, get settled and rest.

Day 3: Spend the day adjusting to the time change and exploring Barcelona.

Day 4-7: Travel to Vic, Spain and meet YL Spain Staff. Arrive to camp and spend the next several days training and preparing for Joventura (the Young Life camp week).

Day 8-14: Joventura, Young Life Camp! Spend final night back in Barcelona for a chance to debrief with your team.

​Day 15: Return flight to the US.

Praz de lys, france


Day 1: Travel Day. Flight departs US to Geneva, Switzerland.

Day 2: Arrive at Geneva Airport in Switzerland. Welcomed at airport by Praz de Lys property staff. Travel to camp by charter bus (approximately 1 1/2 hour drive). Get settled in, hike around camp, dinner and rest.

Day 3: Overview of work project and begin work week. Evenings are free to meet as a team and enjoy mountain views.

Day 4: Work project day.

Day 5: Sleep in, have breakfast and choose 1 of 3 options for a day of play. Scenic hike, white water rafting, mountain biking.

Day 6: Work project day.

Day 7: Work project day.

Day 8: Depending on the scope of the project this could be a final work day, additional play day or combination.

Day 9: Travel back to Geneva for a return flight to the US.

Praz de Lys

Approximate cost

$2,500 which includes airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, camp costs and a ministry donation.

more information

​Contact Mike Miller younglifemike@gmail.com to learn more about these opportunities.

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