beyond religion and a christian version of the knowledge of good and evil. beyond a life of limitation

If you are living a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil - and many do since they live from an old covenant view of God and themselves - it is likely that most of what you find in these pages is strange and difficult to relate to. It's quite probable that you may even believe you as a Christian that you are living in the Spirit when you are not. Why? Because your roots are in Adam and the law and only superficially in Christ and the union with God that is already yours in Him.

One can live in religion and tell ourselves that we have life. But our heart knows we don't as does our spirit and the casual observer. Should we continue to live from religion our spirit and soul will die and eventually our mind.

It's not about sin management. What's on offer is not a humdrum routine of avoiding the bad and embracing the good. It's the Spirit of Christ manifesting through you. You will overflow with life when Christ is your life. Never get a hold of it in religion.

Should you persist in new covenant living, and I hope you do, you will find that there is nothing insubstantial about life in the Spirit. This is in fact Christ come in your flesh which is the great legacy of the cross and your inheritance as a son/daughter of God. The Spirit of Christ manifesting as you is the new and living way and the lived out reality of being sons and daughters of God.


The incarnation: the trinity in you and expressed through you is the great truth of the New Testament age. Miss this and you are left in the fog and blur of religion. Embrace it and you not only live in company with God in His fullness. You are the expression of God as you unique self. This is the Kingdom of God - believers who live in the fact that they and Father are one, not because they have earned this but because they believe this inheritance is real and its theirs.

Christ Himself makes you alive with the spirit of life as He lives in you and imparts Himself to you and yours. Because Jesus is life to the fully you will be fully alive.

Christ your life. Better than you an imagine!

In Him is life and that life is the life of all who receive Him and are received into His life.

Now we are the sons/dauguters of God. Not just talking about it!

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