Feline Management By: Dylan Rock

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world.

Cats are very popular pets. There are many different breeds of cats that vary in price and care requirements.

Feeding Cats

Cats are some of the most hungry animals ever. If they are not fed on their scheduled they become very anoied with you. Brands of food inculde Putrena, Fancy Feast, and Blue Buffalo. there are many other types of food brands but youn have to get one that meets your cats weight and age.

Grooming is another important aspect to owning a cat. Many breeds have long hair that needs to be combed and brushed to keep the cat healthy and skin clean. to groom a cat you need to get a hair brush that works for your cats hair lenght. some brushed will be more fine while others are more corse.

Reproduction in cats. Cats reproduce just like other mamals. the male cat breeds the female cat and a bout four months later theres a litter of kittens. Cat owners must be aware of there problems when it comes to accidental breeding. Many owners get there cats fix to keep this from happing. Although kittens are cute, they can be a night mare when they come at tghe wrong time.


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