Quarter 2 book project The girl who was Sup supposed to die and famous last words


In the book Famous last words Willa is the main character. At the beginning of the book she lives with her mom, then her mom got married and they moved to California into her new rich dad's house. After a little while of living in that house she realize there was a ghost in the house, and that someone had been killed there. But she didn't know who...

This is a picture of a haunted house kind of like the one Willa was living in.



If you read the book Famous last words I think you would like the book the girl who was supposed to die. I think you would like it because they are similar because they are both a mystery and kind of or book. In the book the girl who was supposed to die this girl wakes up and doesn't know where she is. Doesn't remember her own name, she doesn't remember anything. I liked both of these books very much and I think you will too. In another way they're the same is in both books the main character was almost killed. Innoway they are different is there were not ghosts in both books just one.

This is the cover of the book the girl who supposed to die


In the book The girl who was supposed to die she wakes up, her hands are bruised and her fingernails are missing. She doesn't remember her name or who her family is. She doesn't know where she is or what to do. She escaped and found this boy who help her find out who she is.

Famous last words: April Henry wrote it

She girl who was supposed to die: Katie Alender wrote it

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