Machine Gun BY joshua ronnau

This is a WWI machine gun. it was used to mow down massive amounts of enemies. It was such a massive threat to people that if it was fired they would not advance until the gunman was taken out. even when the gunman was taken down the enemies had to watch to make sure someone else doesn't arm the weapon.

This gun was used by getting set on tripod. by doing this it was more mobile. not only was it mobile it was an even bigger threat. it was a threat by it being able to move with out much man power so they only had to aim and fire to take down mass amounts of people. This WWI weapon's main use was to cut down enemies to protect the front line so that enemies don't get too close.

It said about world war 1 that this meant that the people are evolving and that they were smart enough to make a weapon of mass destruction. it also showed how if people could make a weapon of this caliber then what was coming for the future?

Until the machine guns were invented using a rifle was slow, considering that only one bullet could be shot at a time then once shots have been fired, the rifle needed to be reloaded using the bolt. The machine guns were designed to shoot continuously–hundreds of bullets per minute. The introduction of the machine gun forced a change in traditional battlefield tactics. it affected us because if it wasn't created who knows where we would be in war if we didn't have automatic weapons.

The machine guns connection to today's world is that like in the picture the gun is a high rate of fire high impact gun that is used to take down large number of enemies. Machine guns were also such a great improvement to the war that they were used in every battle in WWI and every war after. They were even used in trench warfare. There would be more deaths, soldiers near the front lines in Europe would die at a faster rate. Civilizations near the front lines would sometimes be affected and innocent civilians would die from the spraying bullets. It even affected the decisions of the leaders of warring nations.

This weapon is part of America's legacy because the gun is still used today but its up scaled and made a lot better so it can do more damage than the one back in world war 1. the machine gun evolved from a trench warfare gun to a weapon of mass destruction and it evolved into a system that could chew through ranks with one small press of a trigger.

this has influenced america in battle. Because of this gun people have invented and added onto this gun to make it carry more ammo, fire farther and faster, and be built better so it won't jam and break.

The machine gun has changed a lot from world war 1. The picture well describes how. now the machine gun can have scopes to maximize accuracy of the weapon. it has also changed by the ammo that it shoots. back then they shot normal rifle rounds. Now the machine gun shoots a massive .50 cal bullets that can penetrate light armor on cars or massive amounts of enemies that may be a threat to the troops. Also in the picture it shows the mounts of the gun, the gun is mounted on big steel beams and pipes. It has to be on theses because the gun is too heavy to carry and it can rotate and be maneuvered much easier.


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