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"Such amazing talent! Roosh is such a great women. She makes you feel so comfortable from the second you meet her. She has taken everything to next level with her business. It's amazing watching someone take their passion and make it their business because you know their heart is all in it! Her works show it all!" -Dina H. {Bridal Boudoir Client}


Please Note: This post contains partial nudity.

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Mom of 3, that wanted to get her sexy back!


You are here because this is something that you've wanted to do and guess what, you are here and NOW is your time! You are already doing the hard part! Selecting your photographer and getting your session booked believe it or not is one of the hardest parts of the whole process! You are here, so why not go for it! Come, "GetRooshed" and see what your friends love about their boudoir experience. Your boudoir experience will leave you feeling revived and seeing the beauty you already possess!! We are proudly professionally affiliated with The Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) and have been a professional licensed business in Northern Virginia for almost 5 years catering to women's portraits. More notable, Roosh Photography has been featured for her work in national publications, and featured on prominent boudoir blogs.

Session Costs

Petite Boudoir Session $300

A great quickie mini session for a quick teaser or for ladies short on time or on smaller budgets.

Petite boudoir session $300, 1 outfit/set. Weekday Studio session only. Same day image viewing and ordering appointment in person. Pre-Session Consultation, Access to Boudoir Closet to borrow sexy pieces, Customized Coaching & Guidance.

Lux Boudoir Session $400

Our lux session includes professional hair and makeup application -3 outfits/sets to

Lux boudoir session $400, 3 outfits. Professional hair & makeup included. Same day image viewing and ordering appointment in person. Pre-Session Consultation, Access to Boudoir Closet to borrow sexy pieces, Customized Coaching & Guidance.

Couples Boudoir Session $500

Couples sessions $500 Professional hair & makeup included. Pre-Session Consultation, Access to Boudoir Closet to borrow sexy pieces, Customized Coaching & Guidance.

Products & Prices

All products are purchased immediately after the session during the viewing and ordering session. This means it saves you a trip to the studio and you will view and select your images and products all it the same day! The session fee does not include any products. We offer a la carte products that begin at $125. Albums begin at $1200 and collections that begin at $1500. On average, clients invest between $1200-$3600. We offer custom prints, custom leather albums, canvases, acrylics, metals, folios, mini accordion albums, digital files, custom videos and other luxury high end products. Our studio requires a $500 minimum purchase. All sales are final and non-refundable.

We also offer payment plans through PayPal Credit. With PayPal Credit, you can enjoy special financing offers like this one: No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. All sales are final and non-refundable.

How Far In Advance Should I Book?

If you are considering a Saturday session, please book at least 3 months ahead. Saturday dates are the first to go! Weekday sessions do book out 4-6 weeks however if you need a rush session we can find a way to squeeze you in on our office day.



I'm Roosh. A Mom, Wife, Photographer. I have specialized in professionally photographing women for nearly 5 years in Northern Virginia. I have specialized in photographing every day women to stay at home moms, celebrity clients, doctors, FBI agents, teachers, CIA agents, book authors, executives, Mrs. DC, other photographers and everything else in between! Women of all shapes and all sizes and colors. Working with other women and having gone through my own journey with my body I understand that women can be sensitive about their bodies and that no matter any of our changes we all want to look good and feel great about ourselves! And I have experience life on the other side of the camera so I know exactly what you are thinking and going through too!

I understand as a mom that our bodies change through motherhood and as we age. We all DESERVE to look our best and to feel BEAUTIFUL no matter what. This is why I do what I do. I love every minute of my job and working with all of the amazing women I get to meet and work with during their journey. I have modeled in my younger days so I understand what it is like to be in front of the camera! I also understand that no matter we have gone through that we all deserve to have beautiful portraits to celebrate our journeys!

"Roosh was so professional and made me feel extremely comfortable during my boudoir shoot! She did an amazing job, and when you self conscious about yourself and trying to do something awesome for my husband, she made me feel very comfortable! Her pictures were amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!!" -Kim S. {Boudoir Client}


"Our beliefs are to support, encourage and unite all women through photography meant to showcase and empower you. We invite all women of all sizes, colors, gender, and any other preference to join us in accepting, and celebrating ourselves and each other. Together as women, we can support one another no matter our differences and together we can create a beautiful world for all. Acceptance of the world begins with acceptance of ourselves." -Roosh Benham, Photographer & Business Owner

Before & After's

Before & After of Actual Clients


WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND THE SCENES ? We have a lot of fun! We definitely have a full girls day experience with professional hair, makeup and lots of girl talk!

Once you have secured your session date and time via the online payment system on the website I will send you the online contract form. Once both the payment and contract are completed your date and time will be held and secured for only you. At this time we will set a time to speak and do a pre-consult either on the phone, on FaceTime or in person. We will discuss the style of images you would like, outfit planning and much more to create your dream session. The day of the session we complete your hair, makeup and session. After the session, we offer our clients a same day viewing and ordering appointment. About 10-14 days later your professional products will arrive to the studio for you to pick up and enjoy in your home!


After our phone consult it is time for you to shop and get ready for you session! In the weeks prior you will gather your outfits. And guess what, I am here to help you as much as you need! I will help you select flattering pieces and styles for your body and the style of images you desire. No matter your session, I suggest bringing 3-5 different outfit options and I will help you select based on your style, personality and body type. No matter your body type, I always suggest a body suit--they are absolutely flattering for all body types. Client's e-mail me photos and I give you feedback so that you will look your best at your session or we will do it at your pre-consult!




Right before your session you will be doing all of the girly things you need to complete for the shoot. Finger and toe nails neat, tidy and manicured.


Waxing or shaving all essential areas. Due to the nature of the shoots I always recommend waxing all areas you don't want hair to show at least 48 hours prior to your session. Eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, legs, and Brazilian bikini areas. Trust me when I say, due to the nature of the shoot, a Brazilian style grooming is best especially if you want to get some sexy booty shots! If you prefer a more natural look, we support that too, but please be aware that body hair in certain places is not easily editable and removal is not part of the normal editing process.


Please do not tan or spray tan two weeks prior to your session. Your skin will be uneven colored and it will not optimal for your session and correction is not part of the normal editing process. We also suggest not making major changes to your hair style/color or a facial, or microderm at least two weeks prior.

Art For Your Home


The night before be sure to get plenty of rest. Eat well, avoid caffeine, salt foods and foods that will make you bloated. We want you to feel your best and be ready for a day of fun. Please be sure to eat breakfast in the morning! You will need energy for this fun shoot!


Arrival... Please arrive in loose fitting clothing without any undergarments. This is to prevent any clothing impressions on your skin as they often take hours to diminish and we certainly don't want them in your photos.

Hair... Please be sure your hair is dry and ready to be styled. If your hair is wet it will take longer and you will be charged extra for additional time to dry your hair. Please note: this will cut into your shoot time.

What to Bring...

- a matching bra, panty set and garter set (lace, rich colors, floral)

- a bodysuit is always a flattering and sexy option( lace, sheer, meshy, and color is amazing on camera)

- sheer or solid white pieces are subtle and sexy, sheer robe, sheer tops & panties

- chunky or off the shoulder pieces work well such as loose sweaters, sweatshirts

- for traditional bridal think of your veil, white pieces, garters

- tall pair of nude and or black heels or fun sexy shoes (stilettos, not pumps)

- a nude seamless or g-string thong if you would like to borrow studio wardrobe

- jewelry and accessories

- A sexy dress, yes, it will be beautiful!! Other ideas include: fur coats, shrugs, denim jacket, even a pair of sexy jeans with a top!


Our Studio

Gainesville, Virginia

Our residential studio is located in Gainesville, Virginia located 45 minutes West of the Washington, DC area. We have a lower level, private studio space with a separate private bathroom for your private session. We also offer music, water, light snacks and client access to the boudoir closet.

15816 Lee Carter Road, Gainesville, VA 20155

(please park on one side of the driveway)

Gainesville, Virginia

Our Business Hours

Monday-Friday in studio, Saturday & Sunday on location

All Weekday Sessions Begin at 9:30am and Offer a Same

Day Viewing and Ordering Appointment to Save You Time!


phone 703-754-9426

We are proudly professionally affiliated with The Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP)


Our boudoir closet has many different items to offer you! We offer, bodysuits, sheer robes, jewelry, body jewelry, flower crowns, bras, maternity gowns & much more!

After you arrive at the studio we will begin your professional hair and makeup application. This generally takes about an hour to an hour and half. Our team of professional makeup artists are trained in how to apply makeup for camera. They use special camera ready makeup and are trained in the specific looks we create for boudoir. I trust my makeup artists 100% and they are trained professionals in creating the ultimate sexy look !

Places to Shop

for Lingerie

"I had the most fabulous experience doing a boudoir shoot with Roosh! First of all - she has a selection of outfits for people to use if they want. I am plus size, so I emailed her photos of what I thought would work and she helped me choose what to bring. When I arrived at her (gorgeous) home studio, she helped me carry my clothes to the basement, which is her studio. The makeup application with Yisell was wonderful. She is a total sweetheart and she made me look gorgeous. Roosh was a makeup station set up in part of her studio with good light. We did multiple outfits in multiple sets that she has in her studio. My number one concern was posing and facial expressions and she talked me through EVERYTHING. "Chin to the right, down a bit, shoulder here, hand here." You do not have to know what you are doing, because she does! She is also just so warm and fun and makes you feel really comfortable, and more than that - really good about yourself. I felt like a super model, and I had SO MUCH FUN. One of the things that we wanted to show with the shoot is that there are so many different kinds of sexy. You can be sexy in lingerie and heels, and you can be sexy in a big sweater. It's all in the styling and attitude. So whatever kind of sexy you want to portray, you can do that. And it will look great!" -Sarah
We provide our clients the ability to borrow lingerie pieces, accessories, jewelry, body jewelry, flower crowns, maternity gowns and much more during their sessions. If you would like to borrow lingerie pieces please bring a nude colored bra and thong with you.


We offer many different types of imagery including modern and traditional boudoir, maternity, bridal, nudes, implied, and couples boudoir. All imagery is posed and sexually implied to create a certain look. Please note we do not photograph sexually graphic imagery or body parts or acts. We also offer different types of lighting and scenes based on your preferences. Dark and moody, light and bright, outdoor. This is your session and I will customize it for you!

We offer traditional boudoir, maternity, bridal, nudes, implied, and couples boudoir

I personally coach and guide you throughout your entire session. I am your boudoir coach and cheerleader! What is a Boudoir Coach? As your coach, I will guide you with exactly what to do, how to move, pose and expressions to create the imagery you want. I will use words to guide you and I will also do the pose for you if I need to. If you can't get a pose it is not a big deal, we move on--every person's body moves differently and there's a ton of other things we can do instead! You will often find me next to you showing you how to do the pose. I will do whatever we need to do to get you to your end goal. I have been known to take off my shirt to help my clients relax and to tell a dirty joke or two!

What does all of this mean? I have studied, been trained, and taken workshops in working with all the beautiful curves that women's bodies have. It is not just taking a photo, it is about understanding how to pose a body properly to look its best how to work the camera angles to showcase each unique body type.


After the session, we offer our clients a same day viewing and ordering appointment. What this means, is that immediately following your session we will show you your session proofs! After all your hard work, it is lovely to be able see what you created before you leave our residential studio! This also saves you a trip from having to come back out in a couple weeks to place your image order. About 7-14 days later your professional products will arrive to the studio for you to pick up and enjoy in your home!

Payment Plans

We also offer payment plans through PayPal Credit. With PayPal Credit, you can enjoy special financing offers like this one: No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. All sales are final and non-refundable.



See what the client featured about had to say about her session in the comments below!
"Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for today. I seriously had such a blast. You made this experience so care free and fun. I did not have a worry in the world taking my clothes off for you. LOL You made the shoot so comfortable. And just from the preview you showed me I can't wait to see what they look like after you edit them. This was my first time doing a nude shoot and I think I'm addicted!!! I knew my body was beautiful but I didn't think it could look THAT beautiful. You truly captured the beauty of my body with the angle of the shot and the lighting. WOW. I can't wait for our next shoot! "-Ashley
The image above was taken at a local creek in Northern Virginia

Contact Information

Roosh Benham, Photographer/Business Owner

ph. 703-754-9426


Roosh Photography, LLC

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