Snakes From a train

Some things take a while to click...

That said, it's been a year. As a teacher I've never had so many students in my classes, as a touch screen artist I've never demo'd the skill in so many venues

But it is easy to rest in the apps you know and not play with newer tools. Some Adobe apps I've used A LOT... Adobe Draw for example (Ideas as was):

Adobe Sketch...

Photoshop Touch....


But some of the newer apps I'd not played with as much as I should have. So one of my 'Summer break*' aims was to use apps I'd not found time to delve into. (*College teachers don't get the holidays off, just fewer times we're allowed to book holiday on.... But it is quieter and I do get some time to train myself in new skills).

The Adobe apps screen on my trusty iPad mini 2.

Fist off that meant Lightroom mobile...

One of the left original image drawn on Samsung Galaxy 8.9/Photoshop Touch. On the right added edits from Lightroom.
Ditto but on iPad mini 2, Adobe Sketch and Adobe Ink stylus. 

Definitely going to sling pictures through that app in the future :) Until now I've been a huge advocate of Snapseed and not realised how powerful yet undaunting Lightroom Mobile was. I suspect the edits I add will become a little more subtle with practise, but it's a fab app to use with others.

Next up was Adobe Premiere Clip which you can see an example work of here:

Which was wonderfully easy and intuitive to work with, made more pleasant again because of the mobile setting... I'd met up with the hugely talented street artist Anat Ronen for a reccy around London. We sat and had coffee while waiting for trains And drew liquid nitrogen ice cream while I filmed this very normal happenstance. I edited the video on the train that very night. I still find it astounding to be able to do so much on a thin slice of computer on a bumpy train speeding through the night.

And then on a particularly enlivened train journey a week or so later I had an experiment with the apps Brush and Sketch. I started out by taking photos that I could turn into brushes.

My favourite (although not the best pic... Not easy to snap while standing up on a bouncing train). Wish I could grab a still of my taking the picture from the security camera eye view.

Once I took a small batch of photos I'd throw them into Brush app to see how they looked as a brush tip...

Brush app has a preview window which allows you to test out the created tip... It's no art app per se, but good for a preview nonetheless.

...and then I painted this. Photos, brushes edited and this picture made all on the same 70 minute train journey....

On the bus journey home the above became the below....

...and standing outside my front door I threw the image past Lightroom to end up with this...

Not at all bad for an afternoon of Commuter Arts :)

The next morning I wanted to carry on playing with the brushes and a number of them had a fabulous snake skin style texture hence the pictures below: Snakes from a train. Fun to do, over a cup of coffee and breakfast. More to come, if and when relaxed mornings present themselves.

And all thrown into Slate to come up with this.

I reckon that ticks the to do list of delving into new apps :) now... To carry on playing with them :) and to add Photoshop CC on Surface into the mix... And to add an Adobe Ink stylus and Creative Cloud Moleskine to the image making process and... Well, it's never dull, this touch screen art malarkey.

Every image in this Slate post made, edited, drawn, created (and so on) in an Adobe mobile app. No desktop programs used, just good ol' mobile goodness on a range of phones and tablets.

If you like this then you can find more art, blogs and stuff at:

Thanks for looking :)

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Paul Kercal

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