The Time Corporation Jake Burns 16605195

When deciding on which title to choose for my title sequence I wanted one that would be the most unique and exciting, and would also allow me to choose from a wide range of genres for the title. I chose the time corporation because it sounded the most intriguing and allow me to chose a more action oriented genre like crime or horror. After deciding on the title i needed to decide on what genre my film would be. Firstly i startedd looking into well done title sequences that i like the style of.

After I decided on the title I did research into good title sequences that i really like the style of. Firstly i really like the style of the pulp fiction title sequence as it is slow and epic, I also like the way the texts over lap and how their colours contrast each other and stand out. I like the style of the layered text as it also make the film look more epic. These are two aspect I really like about the intro and I would like to incorporate them into my title sequence. Next the taxi driver intro really intrigued me although it is not entirely animated but the text looks really good against the dark black night with the earie smoke in the background which builds suspence once again making for a more epic and suspenseful intro. The smoke and the bold text which contrasts wit the background will definitely be a part of my title sequence. Next I looked at another intro in a completely different genre, the good the bad and the ugly. I like the music and the style of western film which I would like to incorporate into my title sequence, I would like to create a western title sequence with bold colours but with the dark suspenseful style of pulp fiction and taxi driver, and with the music of a western film.

Also when looking into title sequence and with my skill level in after effects i would like to use mainly text. This is because i want it to look good and suspensful but if i added poorly animated images to it it would lower the quality making it look worse. Also having a very large bold title would create a more epic sequence than having images move across the screen. And all of my research showed that simplicity works very well as the pulp fiction tilt sequence looks really good and exciting with only having text and exciting music, like the sequences above they are epic and have bright bold text.


Bellow are images of the story board that i drew, this is the storyboard that i will closely be following in production in terms of order and content. But obviously the font style will be better and it will have colour. From what i gathered from my research i decided i wanted red text on a black background to standout and be bold and smoke to be constanly hovering in the background to create a more earie sequence. Also i want bold yellow for the cast to stand out over the red and the text will animate like the pulp fiction sequence and have a lot of style from taxi driver and good the bad and the ugly. It will also end in flames to enforce the film as an exciting action western.


Firstly i started by just brainstorming ideas, this was not an affective way of starting as i failed to come up with a strong convincing idea. Then i did research looking into the title sequences of films i enjoyed this gave me a lot of inspiration into the style of the video as well as what genre i wanted to use. Next i put together my idea combining elements from my research, i created a storyboard of my idea which looked good so i progressed with it. Then i started production this wasn't too difficult as i had learnt how to use after effects in the previous weeks so it was just a case of creating my storyboard. I started by finding the font i wanted that matched y theme, this went well as i found a good font which looked good. Then i found free music that suited my genre well which went well. Then i started animating adding the text and moving it creating the animation was somewhat easy, i timed the text with the music to make the animation smoother, then added smoke to the background to make it more eerie and ominous building suspense it also made it look more interesting as more was happening. Finally i finished by adding flames to finish it to have an impactful ending.

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