Causes and Effects of Exploration

Technology Cause

Exploration was caused by Europeans creating and improving. Hearing about the new technologies made them want to explore how they effected the new found places during the exploration. The vikings also helped by needing better ships. Along with the ships they created cannons and guns for weapons and destruction. The vikings made axes which were really strong compared to swords. Also one of the creations was using the lava rock obsidian for the sharpest swords ever making them a useful combat weapon.

Finding a water route to Asia Cause

During the time of new ships they could be able to make longer distances. A man named Christopher Columbus had the Idea of finding a quicker route to Asia in the sea. The royals gave him money to find a quicker new route. Columbus had the idea of taking the route to go west and ending up at east Asia. This would make him famous for quicker traveling. Columbus brought a few hundred along with him on the journey which would change history.

Technology Effect

The Europeans came up with new boats and ships to travel in which led to more exploration by more trade. The vikings made more ships that were better in the terrain. The ships could stand any place in the ocean in the world. With cannons they could have them in the battleships and also for breaking down stone wall barriers. The guns were an advantage as they were more powerful than arrows. They brought guns along with the cannons on boats for attacking enemy ships.

Finding a route Effect

He ended up finding an entire new world called America. The natives welcomed him and sent him to the emperor. Columbus had made the natives bring down the leader and eventually took over the land. In the search of gold they found something that changed the trade routes and became a major increase in slavery. The product was sugar. They took over the natives land and planted sugar to give back to Europe. They made a new trade route going from America with the sugar to Europe where they made the sugar products then sent the empty ships to Africa to get slaves then went back to America. This was called the Triangular Trade.

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