Water scarcity in Libya Sienna peters Teacher: mrs black

Physical water scarcity is lack of water, it is caused by pollution of water overseas water, climate change and government desision making.

Economic water scarcity is when there is water but the country can't afford it

The reasons for water scarcity in North Africa are large growing population and large areas with low rainfall

Libya is a desert

Libya gets most of their water from underground sources which are very limited. Libya has low rainfall so they can't receive enough water for everyone

The environment affects the availability of water because they get all their water from fossil groundwater. Water runs out fast because there isn't much fresh water from the groundwater. There also isn't much rainfall

Water scarcity is libya means that there are limited places where people can farm and grow crops, because there is limited clean water the water has diseases that can make everybody sick

Libya has built lots of desalination plants that turn salt water into fresh drinking water. They also telling farmers to watch their water use.

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