Sadako The GIrl that changed the world

Sadako was only a little girl when the US dropped the first atomic weapon ever in Hiroshima Japan. She was blown out of the window her mother rushed out to find her. But before she did a black rain fell down over her. At this same time her grandmother was also drenched in this black rain. Her grandmother had found shelter and had lied down and died. 7 years later Sadako was told she had leukaemia the disease from the bom and that she was going to have to stay in hospital until she got better Sadako didn't like this idea because she would miss out on the relay team. A few days later one of her sisters had come to visit. She had brought a golden page and and some sissors for her to make crans. Sadako asked " how can making paper crans hlep me " her sister replied " if you make 1,000 crans the gods will grant you a wish", then she stared folding the paper into a cran her sister said " here is your first one l know you will make many more". And she was right after that Sadako made hundreds of them. A few months later Sadako met a little boy that had leukaemia just like her. She told him about making the paper crans and that the gods could save him but he said " its to late for me not even the gods can save me now". The two would meet every day at the out the front of the hospital. But one day he didn't come "Sadako knew he had died. A few weeks later the biggest holiday of the year was on and Sadako was aloud to go home of the week. As soon as she got home her farther blind folded her she asked " why have you blind folded me" her father replied " you must wait and see my dearest " he took her into the living room where he unfolded the blind fold. Were Her mother and siblings were waiting "I have something for you" her mother said as she pulled a beautiful kimono out of a box. Sadako was so surprised because the kimono was made of silk. A few weeks later she was back in hospital. one day her dad came to visit her she had asked him of rice and fish so he asked her in confusion " wouldn't you perhaps like some thing nicer" she said "there is now need to spend much on me I will be fine with fish and rice thank you" so her father asked a nurse for the food. A few minutes later the nurse returned with the fish and rice for Sadako her father hand feed his daughter then she took her last breath and said this delicious and died.

This is the crane Sadakos sister made for her

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