LGA NEWS EDITION 15, DATE: 01 may 2020


We have another showcase of some of the work that students have been producing during the school closure. As you can see there have been some amazing pieces of work submitted over the last two weeks.

We are continuing to review how we are setting work and have found parent feedback really helpful in this process. We aim to set no more than two and a half hours of work per day which equates to thirty minutes per subject. We know that this amount of work is about right for most students but are also aware that some students are struggling to keep up. If you have concerns about how your child is coping please get in contact with the form tutor. We have had lots of students who would like more work to do so we are looking at how we can produce some optional longer/more challenging pieces of work.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Academy during this strange time.

Jim Parker, Principal.

Great Work, during lockdown!


Abbie, Year 9 had to reproduce an Italian monument using anything of her choice. Here is the 'Ponte Vecchio' in Florence (Ponte Vecchio, Firenze). Fantastic work.

Another piece of excellet work made by Morgan, the 'Leaning Tower of Pisa'. Mrs Sacca, Teacher of Italian

La Torre Pendente, Pisa

film and media

Year 9 have been looking at the history of film and creating timelines, while our Year 10s have been experimenting with photography and image editing on their phones. I have been particularly impressed with the timelines from Aidan and Jogaile who have used a range of interesting images to illustrate each key event in film history. In Year 10, Ashton has taken a lovely range of images and played with colour and light to make them even more effective. His completed Rubix cube is a representation of victory and the watch and window suggests time passing. Ms Edwards, Head of Performing Arts

Interesting images.

Great praise goes to Leo and Kelsie in our Year 9 Film Studies class who have produced some excellent work on genre, and teen films including excellent character comparisons.

A worms eye view by Ashton.

Hannah in Year 10 who has been experimenting with different shot sizes to explore the meaning they create. Her extreme close-ups are particularly good.

Long shot
Close up
Over the shoulder
High angle
Low angle
Worms eye
Birds eye
Extreme close up
More interesting images

Particularly good representations of time passing during isolation from Kane.


Whilst the weather was kind to us during the Easter holidays, sixteen students and myself transformed the Academy's memorial garden. Everyone worked tirelessly for two days and it now looks amazing. Lots of new bulbs and flowers were planted. A huge big thank you goes to the MK Council who gave £500 to help with this fantastic makeover. When we return to school, we will be opening a 'gardening club' and inviting representatives from MK Council to come and look at our garden face-lift. #lordgreycan! and they definitely did! Mrs Kirby, Assistant Head, Engima House

culinary arts

Beautiful work by Amy. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

What a fantastic cake!

Brayden, Year 8 is a very avid and talented cook and has spent a lot of time baking with his family during the lockdown period. Well done, Brayden it is looking superb. Mr Sylvester, Assistant Head of House.

fantastic birthday cake!

Ruby celebrated her 12th birthday last week. Happy belated birthday Ruby from all of us at Lord Grey. Mr Sylvester, Assistant Head of House.

Wow, showing some fantastic work by Keira, Engima House. Well done and keep up the good work. Ms Dunn & Mrs Kirby, Enigma House.

Great work!

Here we can see some more great work by some of our 'key worker' students who have been in school since we closed. They have made some fantastic items! Plus keeping fit with Joe Wicks.

An incredible job by our students: Bird table by Imogen and Khamani, Pinch Pots by Khamani, Libby, Lakesha and Layla.


Tasks are being sent via email by Mrs Palmieri, every school day and the aim is to help students [and other family members] to ‘power down’ from a day’s work, like we would do in tutor time! There is a range of activities: a video to watch, a quote of the day, a quiz, and something to do!

The work for Year 7 and Year 8 PSHE is being set by Mrs Palmieri and is being sent out on a weekly basis via email, to make sure that all students receive it. Most should also be able to access it through Google Classroom, but network limitations on GO 4 Schools means it may not be set on that platform. Year 7s completed their module on ‘Self-esteem & Positive relationships’ before Easter and below in the photo grid are some examples of the work .

Since Easter, students have been finding out about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the responsibilities which go along with those rights and with whom the responsibility lies.

Here is some of the work.

Year 8 PSHE students completed their module on ‘Choices: Breaking the chain’ before Easter and here are some examples of the work.

Since 27 April our Year 8 PSHE focus is on Wellbeing and the first instalment was learning about the importance of sleep, which teenagers tend to know a lot about.


Need advice, information or guidance? Our Careers & Futures Adviser, Joanna Brown is still available: Email: joanna.brown@lordgrey.org.uk and let her know when you are available for a call back. Don't forget to leave your phone number! Whatever your situation, there is always something or someone available to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Resources to help support us all...

Lots of activities and information for young people and there is a parents guide to supporting your child's mental health. We hope that you find it helpful. Click here

Another free course to help manage feelings of being overwhelmed. It covers topics such as relaxation techniques, challenging negative thoughts, looking at what we eat and it’s impact. Click here to find out more.

Every life matters - another link to a booklet 'Wellbeing and mental health during Covid-19: A guide to looking after yourself and others - view the pdf document here

There are some lovely techniques that allow us to take a moment to ground ourselves, or our children... And for those of you that are results driven you can even download a certificate once you complete the seven modules. Click here Mrs Carron, School Counsellor.

Problems sleeping...

Some of us may be having sleep problems due to our change in working patterns during this strange period of lockdown. Here are some strategies and tips which may help you.

A helpful sleep guide.

There are some lovely techniques that allow us to take a moment to ground ourselves, or our children... And for those of you that are results driven you can even download a certificate once you complete the seven modules. Click here Mrs Carron, School Counsellor.



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