Film Studies at Seattle pacific university


68 Credits Minimum, Including 30 Upper Division (UD)

CORE COURSES (35 credits required; each course 5 credits)

The Art of Film (FLM 1000) or Introduction to Film (COM 3780)

Film History I: Beginnings-1960's (FLM 2001)

Film History II: 1960's-Present (FLM 2002)

Directors & Genres (FLM 3000)

Art Internship (ART 4943)

Writing Film Criticism (FLM 4604) or Com Sem: Writing Film Criticism (COM 4604)

A World on Film (FLM 3781) or (COM 3781)

PRODUCTION COURSES (18 credits required; each course 5 credits unless noted)

Art Foundations 3: Time (ART 1107)

Experimental Video Art (ART 3700)

Film Production (ART 3800) or (FLM 3800)

Senior Studio Project (ART 4966) (3 credits)

ELECTIVES (15 credits required; each course 5 credits unless noted)

Documentary Film (FLM 3003)

Special Topics in Film Studies (FLM 4950)

Film and Faith (ENG 1220)

Film and Story (ENG 3325)

Les Arts Francais (FRE 3260) (3 credits)

The Film Studies major prepares you to become a creative and informed writer, audience member, and practitioner of film, through a deeper understanding of film art, history, aesthetics, criticism, and production.

Primary goals include:

Cinema literacy: You will practice critical media literacy within the contexts of American and International cinemas.

Historical literacy: You will understand the formation of the American film industry and the pivotal roles movies have played in shaping American and International cultures.

Creative practice: This major prepares a generation of film critics, audiences, and professional.

Todd Rendleman

Faculty Contact

Professor of Communication

PhD, University of Illinois


Phone: 206-281-2095

Office: Marston 206

Art is found everywhere and can be appreciated by all. Film is one form of art: A way people can relate, understand, engage, share, and get creative about stories (real and not real): Even simply for comic relief. Art isn't just for "art type of people," but something anyone can benefit from. Film is a great way to communicate these creative life stories, feelings, events, and more that reaches a diverse and large audience.

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