FLAUNT IT Artreach Grant - Supplementary Materials

“Flaunt It” is an arts organization that exists to promote self-love for women through its various projects. The projects all work towards the same goal: helping women develop self-confidence in hopes that it will empower them in their everyday lives.

#FlauntitFridays is currently the main project of the organization. It is a photography series that focuses on celebrating the internal and external aspects of a woman’s beauty. The series comprises of two sub-series (Intrinsic & Extrinsic) that includes portraits and stories of all types of women. With the release of this social campaign, the organization will be hosting workshops, releasing promotional materials, and hosting a summer art show.


FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Sariena Luy (Executive Director), Jazmine Snow (Executive Assistant), Alyssa Tran (Artistic Director), Naba Malik (Social Coordinator), Tina Nguyen (Social Coordinator) [ALL PHOTOS ARE FROM #FlauntitFridays PHOTOSHOOTS]

The team is currently made up of 5 high school girls raised in marginalized communities that include Malvern and Jane and Finch. All the members were selected by the Executive Director based on their passion and unexpected passion for the cause. Applications to expand the team will be released in Mid-February. The team continues to be mentored by staff from Success Beyond Limits and SAGE Canada, with the support of other community partners such as AGYU, RBC, TIFF Next Wave and TDSB SuperCouncil.

EXTRINSIC: Stories & Portraits

More stories can be found on the website.

More stories can be found on the website.

INTRINSIC Photoshoots

INTRINSIC 2 - Recap Photos - November 4th - Samuel J. Zacks Gallery
The posters from the past two major events/open photoshoots.

The year, the team hopes to host monthly open photoshoots for either one of their #FlauntitFriday series. With the support of Success Beyond Limits and the Art Gallery of York University, the past two INTRINSIC shoots were at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Samuel J. Zacks Gallery.

INTRINSIC: Stories & Portraits

4 out of 50+ stories collected at the open INTRINSIC stories.

More stories can be found on the website.

RBC #Make150Count & Flaunt It

The Executive Director, Sariena Luy represented "Flaunt It" in the launch of RBC's #Make150Count project. INTRINSIC and it's first photoshoot was launched by the $150 that RBC gave her, in request that she "makes a difference." RBC continues to support Flaunt It and it's different endeavours, and has featured Sariena on a number of platforms.

Featured on the RBC #Make150Count website out of over thousands of participants.
Self-portrait from INTRINSIC was used to create a post-it note mosaic on the Toronto RBC Centre.


“It was an amazing environment that I felt proud to bring young ladies to. I really appreciated the pictures and write-ups that were posted on the wall as it added to the self-love atmosphere. It influenced me to remind myself and other women how special and wonderful they are. Also, since it was led by a youth Sariena, it made be feel proud of the initiative she took and the amazing role model she is for other young women. The most uplifting moment for me was watching the SBL youth we brought, cheering each other on when they each went for their shoot. Initially they were so nervous, however, once they were called up they were so excited to see other on the spotlight and really encouraged one another. The smiles and laughter really boosted their confidence and made them enjoy the experience.”

- Kaneka Watkins, Executive Director of Success Beyond Limits

“It made me feel really awkward taking pictures and also writing that little paragraph about myself however, I think that's one of the beauties of the shoot too. It really makes you sit down and just appreciate yourself for once which I think is something that a lot of women neglect to do and as I suppose, un-humble of me as it is, it also felt quite wonderful to know I really like something about myself. Along with this, I think seeing the pictures and actually liking them was a wonderful feeling.”

- Jazmine Snow, Grade 10, Earl Haig Secondary School

One of the best parts of the Flaunt It events is how personal the atmosphere it is. It would be when Sariena was taking the photos and how helpful she was, as well as how easy she made modelling feel. Honestly I enjoyed being a Flaunt It model, as well as watching everyone during their process. It was very touching when team members individually went up to every one to thank them for being a part of INTRINSIC, because it made me feel like I belonged there.

- Savena R., Grade 12, Northview Heights Secondary School


More partnerships and supporters are continuously being made.

"Flaunt It" was a small photo project started by Sariena Luy. As the organization is now being led by her, many of the community partners were built through her trusted mentors. Below are her references.

Thank you for reviewing our supplementary application.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact the Executive Director, Sariena Luy at (647) 463-0820 and sariena.luy@gmail.com

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