EXTENDING THE TRAVEL TEAM How an insurance firm's travel manager benefits from a business travel agent

In small and medium sized businesses it's often the case that the travel 'team' is one dedicated person, perhaps reporting to procurement, HR or finance. As the internal person for all things travel at this healthcare insurer, the travel manager is very hands-on in her role. Travel and Transport is an extension of the travel 'department' to help with the ups and downs.

Sound familiar?

As the travel manager explains in her own words:

"My goal is to create a seamless booking experience and then make it easy to expense, otherwise productivity dips and it’s time away from the travelers' jobs.

"Being more hands-on is both a benefit and disadvantage. I am the cheerleader of this program, not just a name in an email. But that means all concerns and booking trouble comes to me, so I’m also a solution finder."

Taking some of the load

She explains: "Our travelers interact with Travel and Transport who are an extension of the department. I get a lot of positive feedback.

"It takes one experience, such as a flight cancellation, and the traveler not having to queue, or one experience on the phone for a traveler to see value in the service. Right up to being at the airport and on the trip, it’s the same on the other end of the phone."

"We aren't a huge account but we’re treated very well at Travel and Transport and we’re given priority. That goes a long way; we can only be as good as they provide."

She adds, "I’ve had open, great conversations with Travel and Transport about our program and when we have issues, we openly talk about it to get to a resolution."

No matter what department you sit in, when it comes to travel, Travel and Transport's got your back.


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