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The cabinet

The cabinet is made up of 14 of our more dedicated members, each Cabinet member has their own dedicated issue area. Cabinet member's roles vary from person to person, but

Chair: Christian McCann

Vice Chair: Riley Min

Secretary: Emily McGregor

Vice Secretary: Annie Darbyshire

Treasurer: Harrison Gardner

Student Governors: Leah Scott & Gage Wilson-Noon

KS3 Voice: Rhianna Hughes & Aimee Langton

KS4 Voice: Iwan Woodhead

Chair of Student Facilities: Richard Jones

Chair of Supporting the School: Nick Murphy

Chair of Engagement with the Community: Bryn Hayton

Chair of Social Media & Publicity: Corey Maxwell

A recent Student Voice Cabinet meeting, (from top left going clockwise), Emily McGregor, Bryn Hayton, Christian McCann, Nick Murphy, Harvey Roberts, Corey Maxwell, Richard Jones, Harrison Gardner and Annie Darbyshire

What are our priorities?

Every year the Student Voice envisions a set of priorities for the year; this year we agreed upon three; improving student facilities, engaging with the community, and shaping the school. These were set because the Student Voice felt that these were the issues that when solved would improve both pupil engagement and the atmosphere by which we, as students experience school.

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Improving Student Facilities

Richard Jones Presenting Student Facilities

The Student Facilities Committee was created to tackle one of the schools' most important issues, it is where we work on improving facilities such as toilets, changing rooms and the canteen.

Engaging with the community

Bryn Hayton Presenting Community Engagement

Shaping the school

Nick Murphy Presenting Shaping the School

get involved

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