Beyond Reach Group 11

A New Mission


To Earn Customers for Life.


Earning customers for life by building lasting relationships through exceptional service.

Strategic Analysis Results

  • Increase financial position
  • Enhance technological advancements
  • Build brand popularity
  • Increase customer base

Proposed Strategy

Benefit for GM

  • Access to electric car and other advanced technologies

Benefit for Tesla

  • Access to efficient production capabilities

Benefits for both

  • Increased revenue
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased customers
  • Increased Super Charger stations

The following chart demonstrates the increase of net income (in millions) with and without this strategy over a period of three years:

IRR= 22%

Hurdle Rate= 4.25%

Take the first steps of becoming a company that distinguishes itself from its rivals by improving your company’s knowledge of technology and enhancing your vehicles with all of its wondrous capabilities. Implement our strategy today, if your company is ready to go beyond the reach of competition.


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