2nd Grade News Fall break is almost here!!!

Keep reminding students to do their best and to follow class and school rules and procedures. Thank you!

Important Dates:

October 6: Student party/Sundae Funday. Students worked really hard making great choices around the building. They will have an "ice cream" sundae party at the end of the school day with frozen yogurt and toppings. Feel free to send in toppings if you would like to help make it special.

October 7--15: No school--Fall break!

October 19: Parent/Teacher conferences **information will be sent home and extra dates will be added for those that cannot make it on the 19th. Look for a flyer this week.

October 20: End of 9 weeks/Report Cards to be sent home.

October 20: Habitat projects due.

Remember to read 20 minutes every night!!

Reading--We are reading stories and learning how to retell the story, and we are learning to identify how the character responds to specific events in the story. Our story this week is A Starry Night! We are also reading paragraphs of informational text about habitats.!

Math--We are working place value and adding Two two-digit numbers.

Keep up the good work!!

Spelling . This week we will learning to read and write words that have -ar, -or, -ore and have a test on Friday.

Spelling List: break, family, listen, early, pull, more, come, porch, before, born, smart, horse, for, chore, part, hard, score, shore,

Writing: We are doing a class research project on the desert habitat. This goes along with our reading and learning about different habitats.

We are one-to-one in technology! Please return the technology agreement in the Parent Handbook if you have not done so already and remind the students of working responsibly. We will have opportunities daily to work on Chromebooks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at: jodie.baker@knoxschools.org or (865)594-4467. Thank you for all your support and encouragement!


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